Masked Intruder - M.I. (Album Review)

The perfect soundtrack for those lonely days in Alcatraz when you're planning your breakout. The best running music for when you're on the lamb. The greatest guide to being a romantic while being a slightly off kilter criminal. That's right; the genre's favorite pop/punk criminals are back with their sophomore album M.I. and I think this album will help them to continue to breakout to a larger audience.

If you've heard Masked Intruder's debut album then you might think this album pretty much follows in the footsteps and themes of the debut. It's just fun, well done pop/punk music. This album does have maybe the slightest hint of refinement in song writing and vocals. If you liked the debut album then M.I. will surely please you. If you didn't hear the debut, grab a sock cap cut out some eye holes, put it on over your face, and quickly put both of these albums on repeat. If you're lucky you'll get it and understand these guys have created one of the more interesting and fun ideas in pop/punk in recent memory. From representation, style, and flair these guys really know how to create some really neat visuals and music. The songs flow well and it just encapsulates those really fun, carefree, goofy things about the pop/punk genre that people sometimes forget about.

I have no complaints as far as production and songwriting. The album does sound a lot like the first album, but that's what I wanted. The instrumentation sounds really good. The guitars and drumming sound great. It has standard pop/punk vocals, but they are performed really well and lyrically the album is as fun as the imagery the band brings with them.

Steal away in the night and pick this album up. Tear open the wrapping like you just stole something...or download it with sketchy eyes while rubbing your hands together in a scheming kind of way. Prepare to have fun. Then succeed in doing so. This is just a full on success for the group. They prove they are not a one album wonder. The Masked Intruder party rages on! Honestly I'm having more fun than I should listening to this album and writing the review for it. Pick this up!

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