This Wild Life - Clouded (Album Review)

This Wild Life's new album is a different beast compared to the group’s 2012 EP Heart Flip. Heart Flip featured a full band line-up for the first half and the second half was acoustic. They were a four piece. Well fast forward to 2014 to the band's new album Clouded and the band has shrunken to a duo. The full band sound found on Heart Flip has been ditched instead for a sound more towards the acoustic part of the EP. Anthony Del Grosso who originally played drums for the band has now switched to play acoustic guitar while Kevin Jordan is still on lead vocals and acoustic guitar.

The band recorded Clouded with Aaron Marsh of Copeland. It is basically a perfect fit for the band. While listening to the albums lead single "History" it's impossible to deny the catchiness, well thought out lyrics, and suburb sound. Kevin Jordan's vocals are really solid. The move from full band to acoustic has really helped him showcase his vocals to the best of his ability. The band trades in a little of their more pop/punk leanings (like on the full band stuff on their Heart Flip EP) for more of a heart on your sleeve emo vibe. Think early Dashboard Confessional meets Copeland meets early Secondhand Serenade.

The album is chocked full of good songs. A few I've enjoyed lyrically and musically to the point where I've just hit repeat and listened to them back to back two or three times. "Roots and Branches" is awesome. The lead single "History" is really strong. The songs just keep coming and they all have a pretty standard but great formula. They basically give you a really nice sounding, stripped down acoustic pop song paired with Jordan's vocals. On occasion they throw in some keys and strings which adds some nice little touches that make the songs feel more personal and fleshed out. "Better With You" is a great example of that. The last track on the album "405" returns to a little more of a full band electric sound. The drums kick the song off and at first I was a little surprised to hear it kick in the way it did. It's a nice way to close out the album and adds a nice interesting end to the album and sort of an extra dimension to the album as a whole. Jordan's vocals and more importantly his lyrics are the backbone of the album. The lyrics feel extremely personal and his voice really carries the emotions he's conveying home. It's almost hard not to listen to this album and go if we're in a "emo-revival" this must be the revivals new Dashboard Confessional.

This band is on Warped Tour all summer long and honestly this band should be on your radar. They have such a great summer vibe. The album has a great mood. The production and lyrics are great. I wouldn't be surprised if this is everyone in the emo/pop/punk crowds favorite new album by the end of June, once everyone has had the chance to hear or see the group out on Warped Tour. I'm really liking this album. It's pretty great.

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