Leslie Mosier - Sound In The Signals Magazine Interview Preview

Leslie Mosier will be featured in the next issue of Sound In The Signals Magazine. Since her album is out today I've decided to post the first four questions of the interview today. Click READ MORE to check out the first four questions and read the full interview in the May issue of Sound In The Signals Magazine.

Your debut album is out today. What’s it like to have the album out and what do you think has changed about yourself and your music since the EP was released?

It’s such an amazing feeling to have the full-length record out! I’ve been working on it for over a year and its been really hard to keep the songs to myself. I feel like both as a musician and as a songwriter I have matured a lot, and I think it shows in this record. When I released my EP everything was still very new to me and I didn’t exactly know how to go about the process of releasing a record. Over the past year I have not only learned a lot but I’ve gained an amazing support system with great fans that I am very thankful for.

We talked about your EP last time and how you had the chance to work with a lot of members of Nocturnal Me on it. Who did you work with this time around?

I was super fortunate to be able to work with the same team that I worked with on my EP. Dave Melillo was once again an enormous help for the record, and we co-wrote a few of the songs as well. He also played the guitar tracks. Mikey Lasaponara is the most incredible drummer that I have ever gotten the chance to work with and he once again did an amazing job bringing my songs to life. Mike Brylinski (Goo Goo Dolls, Nocturnal Me) was once again my producer/engineer, and he is awesome as well.

The full album has a great summer vibe to it. What inspired the songs and what overall mood were you trying to capture with the album?

The songs on this record are all about falling in love and believing in yourself. I write from personal experiences, and it’s safe to say that my lyrics are practically my personal diary. I wanted the record to be a very positive and uplifting one overall, and I feel like that vibe comes across.

What track off the album means the most to you and why?

This is a hard question! Each song comes from a different time of my life and has a certain memory connected to it. But since you’re making me pick just one, I would say that “What Became of Me” means the most to me. It’s about just letting go and giving it your all..I wrote it about everything that was happening with my music career at the time.

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