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I recently had the opportunity to interview High Score ahead of the release of their new song, “917”, which comes out tomorrow. We discussed the writing and recording process for the new song, collaborating with Ryan Sword of New Heroes, a favorite part from the new song, the potential for new music, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.  

Thank you so much! We are glad to be back!

Your new song, “917” comes out on November 5th. Can you tell me about the writing and recording process for the song?  

The process of writing and recording this song was some of the most fun we have had writing to date. It started with the opening riff and we knew we had something great in the works. Stylistically, it is a bit different than what we have released in the past but still has the High Score flair. As for recording the recording process, we recorded with Chris White of Half-Cab Studios and Under Currents. Recording with Chris is always an absolute blast and he does such an amazing job of pushing us to be better while recording to give everyone the best we can! We couldn’t release such quality music without his help and support.    

Ryan Sword of New Heroes is featured on the song. How did this work out and what do you think it adds to the song?  

When writing the song, we had a part in the song that would have been too long as an instrumental break, but we didn’t want to cut out. It just felt empty. We have been fans of New Heroes for a while now and hadn’t gotten a chance to play or interact with those guys. We felt that Ryan’s writing and vocal style would make the song complete. Our goal with Ryan’s feature was to touch on our Emo influences while still having an overarching pop-punk vibe. Ryan was great to work with and if anyone hasn’t listened to New Heroes, please go listen and show them some support!  

Do you have a favorite lyrical and musical moment from the song?  

Oh hands down the bridge! It is such a shift musically from the front half of the song to the bridge. This part of the song is so full of emotion and we really hope that it gets everyone hyped! We get so excited anytime we hear it and we can’t wait for everyone else to hear it!  

The song has a really anthemic pop/punk feel to it. Is that something you were going for with this song?

Thank you for the high praise! While we want to write music that is catchy with all of our songs, we realized pretty early on with this song it did have that anthem like feel to it and held on tight through the whole process. This is without question a very relatable song. The name of the song is the building number James lived in while stationed in England and at it’s core the song is about the very real and relatable feelings he dealt with while over there.  

Can we expect more new music any time soon. Is there any chance that you’re working towards an EP or album?  

We are currently working on recording an acoustic song that we want to release for the holidays. It is all written out and everything we are just waiting to record, so stay tuned for more news on that! As for an EP or album, we have talked about it and all we can say is that 2022 has some big things in store for us!  

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?  

Thank you again for having us! To all of our fans we say thank you for all your love and support. To those who haven’t heard us yet you can find us on all social media @highscoretx and please give us a follow on Spotify! Lastly we want to thank Chris White, Ryan Sword and Jarret Adlof of Palm Mute Records for everything! Support local music!

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