Sound In The Signals - 2021 Anticipated Music Releases Part 2

We usually only release one anticipated list per year, but we felt it was pretty essential to share more releases that didn’t appear on the first one. With this list, like the first list, we decided that we would choose artists who we believe will release albums, EPs, or in some cases new singles this year. Some artists have announced and/or confirmed releases and others are listed here because they have been in the studio or plan to record this year. If they were in the studio or have announced plans to be soon, then we expect to hear music at some point this year from those artists. 

We’ve chosen 5 upcoming releases to highlight from the overall list. We’ve included some releases that have been announced and others that we expect will have release announcements this year. The list is in no particular order. Of course, there are numerous other releases we will anticipate once announcements come and we will undoubtedly miss some now. Stay up to date with new announcements and releases here and via our social media accounts. Check out the first list here and check out our anticipated music list part 2 below.

Snacking - ‘Painted Gold’

Everything points to this being one of the most essential emo releases of the year. The single is fantastic. I’m expecting this to be very good.

Jetty Bones - ‘Push Back’

I’ve been waiting for a while for Jetty Bones to announce this album. I feel like this will be her big statement album. 

Madaline/New Heroes - ‘Split EP’

Both of these bands have been steadily building a lot of hype and releasing great music. I feel like both bands will deliver some of their best songs to date with this release.

Velvet Skyline - ‘What We Have In Common’

If the single “Circles” is any indication of how good the entire album is going to be this is going to be great. 

The Spill Canvas - ‘Conduit’

This is shaping up to be the best album the band has released since ‘One Fell Swoop’. The first single “Firestorm” is easily one of my favorite songs the band has released since that era. That song coupled with signing to Pure Noise make me feel like this will be one of their best albums.

For Your Health - ‘In Spite Of’

Weezer - ‘OK Human’

Adult Mom - ‘Driver’

Personal Space - ‘A Lifetime Of Leisure’

PONY - ‘TV Baby’

Citizen - ‘Life In Your Glass World’

Carpool Tunnel - ‘Bloom’

NOFX - ‘Single Album’

Sweet Avenue - ‘TBA’

Matchstick Ghost - ‘TBA’

Drippin So Pretty - ‘TBA’

Space Cadet - ‘TBA’

Farhampton - ‘TBA’

reed. - ‘Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Kill Yourself Reed’

Showoff - ‘TBA’

AG Club - ‘FYE’

Penny Bored - ‘TBA’

The Juliana Theory - ‘TBA

Waxflower - ‘TBA’

Underoath- ‘TBA’

GoodGrief - ‘TBA’

Jailsocks - ‘TBA’

Mascots - ‘TBA’

Blxst - ‘TBA’

Arlo Parks - ‘Collapsed In Sunbeams’ 

99 Neighbors - ‘TBA’

Brockhampton - ‘TBA’

Kennyhoopla - ‘TBA’

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