Sound In The Signals - 2021 Anticipated Music Releases

With this year's list we decided that we would choose artists who we believe will release albums, EPs, or in some cases new singles this year. Some artists have announced and/or confirmed releases and others are listed here because they have been in the studio or plan to record this year. If they were in the studio or have announced plans to be soon, then we expect to hear music at some point this year from those artists. We’ve chosen 15 upcoming releases to highlight from the overall list. We’ve included some releases that have been announced and others that we expect will have release announcements this year. The list is in no particular order. Of course, there are numerous other releases we will anticipate once announcements come and we will undoubtedly miss some now. Stay up to date with new announcements and releases here and via our social media accounts. Check out our anticipated music list below.


The Cool Kids - ‘Before Sh*t Got Weird’

This album is going to be two solo albums and a group album. The singles released so far have been some of the best that we’ve heard from Chuck and Mike in a while. I’m thinking this could be one of their best releases.

House Parties - “Hindsight”

The band’s debut single has been something I’ve been anticipating for the last few months. I’m extremely excited for this song. Featuring members of Rainier. and New Heroes I feel like this band is primed to be one of the best new bands from the pop/punk genre. I’ll be bold and say that I could potentially see this band being the next big thing in pop/punk. In other words, I have very high expectations.

Sundy Best -TBA

The duo reunited in 2020 and announced plans to release a new album this year. I’ve enjoyed every Sundy Best album as well as a lot of the solo material from both members. This is easily in my top 3 most anticipated country albums for the year.

Zao - TBA

This band has been a constant favorite of mine for years. They have a flawless discography. I anticipate this album will continue the trend.

blink-182 - TBA

The band has been teasing an EP (or possibly an album) since last year. Described as “back to the roots” by many involved, this is sure to feature some great songs. To me, this band has been consistently great. 

Angels & Airwaves - TBA

Since the release of “Rebel Girl” it seems like there is a fire in Tom DeLonge’s writing that hasn’t been there for a while. I expect and hope this album could be his best output in over a decade.

Fireworks - TBA

In my opinion, this band has a couple classic albums under their belt. I feel like this return album is very anticipated by fans and I think they will deliver on this album.

Pale Waves - ‘Who Am I?’

Leaning into a new sound influenced more by the mid-nineties and early 2000s vibes, as well as citing artists like Avril Lavigne as an influence, makes this release extremely interesting. The singles have been fantastic. I expect this album to be better than their debut album.

Mod Sun - TBA

Mod Sun seems to be hitting his stride. In my opinion, his most recent singles have been the best that he’s ever released. I think fans of Machine Gun Kelly and Girlfriends are going to really enjoy this one.

nothing, nowhere - ‘Trauma Factory’

The singles released so far from this album have been fantastic. I think it's going to be a massive album for 2021 and his best album.

Nominee - ‘Outset’ & ‘Lowlife’ 

This band kicked off 2021 by releasing one of the best songs they have ever released. I feel like this will be the biggest year in the band’s career as they plan to release an EP and an album this year. I also think it'll feature some of the best music they’ve ever put out.

Stars Hollow - TBA

I think this album will be one of the best emo albums of the year. The band is riding a wave of hype that has propelled them to be one of the top bands in the genre. I expect this album will cement them as one of the best emo bands of this era.

Horror Section - TBA

This band has a flawless discography. Every release is so well executed in theme, artwork, packaging, etc... I expect their upcoming EP will follow that trend. 

Oakrest - TBA

This band is one of the most exciting newer bands in the pop/punk genre. Their single last year, “Nothing Serious”, showed continued growth. Jacob Szabo is one of the better frontmen in this new era of pop/punk. I’m expecting this album to be one of the stand out releases for the genre this year.

Girlfriends - TBA

The group's 2020 album was one of my favorites of last year. To say I was excited when they announced new music will be coming in 2021 is an understatement. I’m hoping they continue to deliver songs as good as those on their debut album. All of my expectations are that they will.

Other releases we’re anticipating:

Julien Baker - ‘Little Oblivions’

Weezer - ‘Van Weezer’

A Day To Remember - ‘You’re Welcome’

Eternal Boy - ‘Bad Days Are Over’

Drake - ‘Certified Loverboy’

‘68 - ‘Give One, Take One’

Tigers Jaw - ‘I Won’t Care How You Remember Me’

Travis Scott - ‘Utopia’

Foo Fighters - ‘Medicine At Midnight’

Lana Del Rey - ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club’

The Sonder Bombs - Clothbound

Lil Skies - ‘Unbothered’

Young Thug - ‘Punk’

Meet Me @ The Altar - TBA

Iann Dior - TBA

Between You & Me - TBA

Spiritbox - TBA

Wstr - TBA

Bleachers - TBA

Hometruths - TBA

With Confidence - TBA

Static Dress - TBA

Waterparks - TBA

This Wild Life - TBA

Every Time I Die - TBA

Youth Fountain - TBA

24KGoldn - TBA

Machine Gun Kelly - TBA

Senses Fail - TBA

Red Hot Chili Peppers - TBA


The Nightmares - TBA 

Camp Trash - Downtiming

Real Friends - TBA*

This is a bonus mention because no one really knows what’s up with this band. Their singer left nearly a year ago and they said it would not be the end of the band. So one would assume if they continue on as a band something will come out this year.


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