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I recently had the opportunity to interview SupMikecheck. We discussed his thoughts on his album ‘You Never Really Cared’ a year after it was released, his favorite features, his experience as a producer, what’s next for him, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Thank you for having me, I'm super grateful.

You released your album, ‘You Never Really Cared’ last year. You’ve said it was a journey about fighting depression, lost love, and feeling very alone. That’s relatable to many people. How do you feel about it now looking back a year later? 

I think I'm not over it, I really wanted to be and be at peace but now literally a year later I think I relate to every track still.  So even though I'm working on new material I still hope people will find You Never Really Cared. I still want to share these tracks with new fans and new people. They still define me.

The album features songs with AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer, Lil Lotus, Kill Hannah, jay vee, and more. What was it like collaborating with these artists? Who would you like to work with in the future?

I will always be grateful for AJ of The Dangerous Summer. He was my first feature and he is in one of my all time favorite bands so once he sang on my track it really jump started my confidence and opened eyes around the music industry. From AJ's feature I think it was able to snowball from there so now a lot of artists respect me more and are willing to give me a chance. On my upcoming album I have a song that is going to have Aaron Gillespie from Underoath singing on the chorus. I already have that demo back and it's a really cool song. Honestly I'm such an easy going person. I always want to make new friends all the time so any collaboration I have goes so smoothly and makes me excited. I love being able to highlight my music friends and share their work and support them, before making music I was a dedicated fan.

You’ve said that “So Long” is one of your favorite songs that you’ve released. Tell us about writing and recording this song.

When I was working on "So Long" it was written about being led on. It really sums up the album You Never Really Cared in a simple chorus. My story was basically I was in a long distance relationship and all my worst fears of being in a long distance relationship ended up being true. Being so far away from someone you care about your mind goes crazy and you start thinking, What are they doing when I'm not there? Am I more committed to them than they are to me? So a lot of the songs on the album "Never Be" "So Long" and more, were my mind's doubts and questions until ultimately flying out to California and getting my heartbroken live in person and seeing for myself. 

I flew to California to get visuals for the album, go to some of my favorite California spots, and to either find closure with the girl I was in love with or be wrong about it all and live happily ever after. But unfortunately You Never Really Cared was a true story written in real time, from the doubts that kept me up at night to the confirmation that she never really cared. I recorded the outro track's spoken word in a hotel room the day after we parted ways, It doesn't get more real than that, I was actually pretty choked up on the recording, I think my voice cracked but I kept it.

You recently co-produced three songs for Rocky Rinaldi’s new project. What was this experience like as a producer?

Ah Yes! So Rocky works with Emo Nite LA and I met Rocky online before realizing we lived 30 minutes from each other. We instantly clicked, we are just genuinely nice people that love music. So I went over to his house to see if he wanted to help me write a Supmikecheck song that I had and he excitedly helped me (it'll be on my new album). After that song I told him he needs to make music because he's really good and creative. 

So after my song that same night I started making a brand new instrumental for him, It sounded spooky and electronic. He began singing melodies over it and I think I was playing Spyro on my Nintendo Switch and I was like encouraging him and saying how wonderful and fresh it sounded. I was so grateful he wasn't going to be a soundcloud rapper or a rock band, he took the project super serious and was being himself. I worked with him for like two weeks making what is now known as his project Phantom Theatre, I think I taught him all that he needs to know now from the musical side and that he can drive that car by himself now but we still talk everyday and are great friends so I'll definitely jump in for his next EP if he asks me.

You’re currently working on a new album. What can you tell us about it so far? What can fans expect?

So the album is about half done, I'm going to have some really great features again this time around. The lyrical content is a bit like a part two to You Never Really Cared. There are some angry songs on it, there are some sad songs on it, there are some songs about me going out for a drive or partying in Philadelphia. There will be something for everyone on it. I do want to make some happy songs, but I don't want to fake it so those are actually the ones I haven't completed yet just chilling on my computer. Right now I'm working on some interludes. I love making interludes and short instrumentals that bridge the album and bring people the chills. So I want to tighten it up and get a name for it all, album cover and media before I release the first song from it. As odd as it sounds I aim for a merge of like Angels & Airwaves and Trap beats.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you want to add?

Thank you for doing this, I am super grateful and appreciate it so much. And you can find me at @Supmikecheck on every social media app there is, Spotify, Apple, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok even Google just search Supmikecheck. Thank you!

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