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I recently had the chance to interview Zac Eisenstein (Bright Green/Man Overboard). We discussed his new EP, working with Nik Bruzzese and Jesse Cannon on it, and some of the songs from it. Check out the full interview below!

Man Overboard announced the break last year and now you're back with this new project Bright Green. How long did you work on these songs and what made you decide to start the project?
Zac: I knew before Man Overboard took the hiatus that when we did, I would want to do something. I messed around and wrote different kinds of songs in different styles for about 10 months. After that,  I landed on a sound that really just sounded like me all along. Some of these songs I began writing or wrote while Man Overboard was still on the road, some are extremely fresh still. Very recently written.

You worked with Man Overboard's Nik Bruzzese at The Lumberyard and he produced, engineered, and mixed the EP. How did working with him on this project differ from your writing experience with him in Man Overboard and what do you think he helped bring to this set of songs?
It did not differ very much. In MOB before we ever demo'd anything full band, Nik and Wayne and I would make acoustic recordings of the song. So if I wrote a song I would show Nik with an acoustic and he would say "Cool, go in there and record it."  While I'm in there though its the conversations we have back and forth through the glass which is where we really "collab". In that sense it was exactly the same, he just didn't come in the room and sing with me this time around.

The Highs Are Getting Lower 

You went to Jesse Cannon for mastering. You worked with him a ton in your earlier career. I always liked the sound he got on those earlier Man Overboard projects. How was it going back to him for this EPs mastering phase?
Jesse is a dear personal friend. He was heavily involved in a lot of aspects of MOB early on. I knew I had a talented friend who would be happy to do the mastering for me, I trust him. It was an easy choice.

I really like the title of the EP 'The Highs Are Getting Lower'. Can you give me a little of the meaning behind it and why you thought it fit for this EP?
Thanks, I don't really know if it fits. I guess I was just more concerned if it fit me more than the album. I feel like it expresses how the past year has felt to me.  Man Overboard was like being on a rocket sled and the hiatus happened suddenly (at least how I perceived things) and slammed me into a wall.

The first song released, "Some Type Of Way", is really great. It, to me, captures what I like about your writing style pretty perfectly. Can you tell me a little about the writing of that song both musically and lyrically and how long you worked on it?
Thanks, musically I wrote it on Garageband on my iPhone on some long drive I don't really remember but I know I was on my way home. The next stop was Mt. Laurel, NJ and I was tired. I just wanted to write something where I left it all out there for someone in case they ever hear it..In my mind, to me, it was always more of a country song than anything else. That's how I hear it.

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?
This wont be all for Bright Green. Thank you.

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