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I recently had the opportunity to interview bulletsbetweentongues. We discussed musical influences, writing and recording their album ‘The Lights Never Lie’, collaborating with Ephyra, upcoming plans, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview.

Thank you so much for having us!

You recently released your new song “Man Without Fear”. I think it’s great. Why did you decide to release it as the first single from your new album?

Thank you! Man Without Fear is one of the first songs we ever wrote as a band so it’s meant a lot to us for quite some time. It felt right making this track the single for everyone who’s been here listening with us thus far. 

I like how the song seems to draw influence from the classic era of hardcore/metalcore sonically, but it sounds very fresh. What were some of your sonic goals for the song?

We went about this song (and honestly our entire album) really just aiming to build off of all of the music we’ve fallen in love with thus far. We don’t really write with a specific genre in mind. Our main goal with all our songs is just dark, scary, and beautiful. Since I was a kid I’ve always really admired the sort of unorthodox approach of The Chariot. They’re an extremely one of a kind band, but with bullets I really want to replicate that celebratory, high energy, pretty, genre-less chaos they pulled off in all their work. 

Your album ‘The Lights Never Lie’ came out February 3rd. Can you tell me about writing and recording it?

Writing and recording the record I think really exemplified the closeness between us as band members and more importantly as friends. There were definitely hiccups & bumps in the road as we’re all human trying to articulate human emotion but putting this record together has brought some of my favorite experiences I’ve ever had in music. The album for me is just putting exploring a lot of the scarier/ less comfortable corners of myself & watching all of my best friends do the same through their own means of expression & musicality has made this all the more special. 

Do you have a favorite moment from the studio from when you were recording the album?

There was a moment the morning of our second day recording where me and the guys had raided the studio’s acoustic instruments haha. We sat around in the backyard somewhat campfire style & played through songs we love in some sort of impromptu cover-jam. It was a small moment, but a huge reminder for me of the closeness that’s been provided to us through music & how precious that is.

Is there a song that you’re most excited for people to hear? Why? 

I’m most excited for people to hear “I Am With You Always”. That song is something new for us & a sound that I’ve felt so much joy in exploring. We hadn’t ever gone that melodic before & I get a crazy rush of joy every time we play it live. 

You’re releasing the album through Ephyra. They’ve been on a crazy run with fantastic releases. How does it feel to be a part of this big moment in heavy music?

It feels incredible. It’s forever humbling to be surrounded by such incredible musicians. A lot of bands (Ephyra bands especially) really inspire & push me to try and make the most out of heavy music. I feel like a lot of what I see from Ephyra is not only capturing the energy of all the classic bands that brought heavy music to where it’s at today, but furthering it into something new that feels familiar yet innovative.   

You worked with Self Versed Records on a run of cassettes. Can we expect cassettes or vinyl to come out for the new album?

Would love to do cassettes again, and vinyl would mean the world to me. It’s always been a dream of mine to hold a piece of music I was a part of making on vinyl in my hands.   

What’s coming up in 2024 after you release the album?

We’re lucky enough to be a part of a really amazing west coast tour with Party Hats & Catalyst early February. After that we’re hitting the east coast with some really awesome bands & then hopefully buckling down to record a single or two by fall to show proteome what we’ve been up to. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you so much for taking interest in us & giving our band your time. We wouldn’t have the ability to do any of this without every single one of you & I’m constantly amazed at the connection we can all make through something as simple as a few songs. We’ve got a documentary out on youtube about how we made the record & what that experience was like for all of us if that peaks your interest. Thank you for everything & I hope you enjoy The Lights Never Lie

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