Bonfires - 'A Reason To Get Home' (EP Review)

I was really wondering if Bonfires could make a big comeback after losing a vocalist last year and a cancelled vinyl release on Bad Timing Records. Sometimes things like that can be momentum killers for bands. When the band started heating up with the release of "Colorblind" I was pretty impressed. The vocals come off very powerful, well performed, and confident on that song and I really liked it. I was definitely interested to hear A Reason To Get Home.

In a lot of ways that is what pushes the EP up a notch or two. Replacing a vocalist is never easy and coming out swinging with so much confidence vocally on this EP shows that this band is not messing around. It seems like guitarist Brad Harvey has shifted into the lead vocalist spot with ease. After hearing "Colorblind" I was confident that Bonfires could write a good song without Zech Pluister on vocals. However, there is always a question mark until you hear the EP or albums worth of songs. I think it's safe to say that they accomplished the goal on this new EP. Honestly I enjoy these songs just as much, if not more, than last years The Way This Ends.

The songs are well written I like the new direction in a lot of ways. They might skewer slightly more in the emo/rock direction than the pop/punk direction, but it's all for the better. I'm thinking this new music reminds me of the newer songs we've heard from Moose Blood or maybe something similar to the sound The Dangerous Summer captured on their album Reach For The Sun both sonically and vocally. It's a slight change, but not enough to scare old fans away from the band. It's just a nice hint of good musical progression. "Walls" starts off with some nice guitar parts and some really strong lyrics. It's super catchy and the lyrics will be good sing-along-able lines at shows. "Sympathy" has some fantastic guitar parts in it and it's one of my favorite songs on the EP. I think fans of Bonfires will find it to be an instant standout. "Colorblind" ends the EP and it's an instant standout for the band and a great single choice.

The band didn't miss a beat and A Reason To Get Home shows the momentum is alive and well in the band. The EP is mixed, mastered, and produced well. The band captures a really nice sound on this one. This might just be the best thing they have ever done and that means something from me as I listed The Way This Ends as the best EP of the year on last year's list. If you are a Bonfires fan then I think you'll dig this one. If you never liked the band then you should give this a chance because it might impress you. This is a great comeback release for the band and an insanely solid EP. Check it out!

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