Face Value - Thick as Thieves (EP Review)

Face Value captures a sound that merges elements of bands like All Time Low and The Maine in a really cool way. This is pop/punk with pop/rock tinges and it's very well done. "Tongue And Cheek" captures a 90s alternative rock sound with its opening guitar riffs and merged with its pop/punk vocal performance creates a standout song. I think it might easily be my favorite song off the EP and it's also one of the better pop/rock songs I've heard this year. Lead single "EFF" is a super fun pop/punk song that screams good summer song. It's a strong single and pretty representative of what the band is doing with this EP. It's upbeat, catchy, and has a lot of sing-a-longable moments. Acoustic track "Currency" is a nice moment for the vocals to take front seat and show off how well vocalist Alec Myers can sing. It's another favorite of mine from the EP. I'm a sucker for a well done acoustic song and Face Value delivered on it. Overall the band comes out pretty strong on Thick As Thieves. It's six tracks of well written, breezy, mostly upbeat pop/punk. I can't deny that as a whole this a really fun EP to listen to. I like the production, song arrangement, and the mixing. Check out "EFF Sharp" (which is out now) and make sure to give the full EP a listen when it's released June 03, 2016. I definitely recommend the EP as a whole. There are also a bunch of songs on this one that could easily make a best of summer playlist! Check this one out!

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