Capstan - Seasonal Depression (EP Review)

It's the start of December and what's the perfect cure for "seasonal depression"? An injection of infectious high paced pop/punk rock of course! That's what Capstan's new EP Seasonal Depression is sure to offer anyone. Like I just stated in my Busy Living review, just this week, this has to be the year of the good pop/punk EPs. It almost furthers my beliefs when I posted that review and not a day later I'm listening to another good EP from another really promising pop/punk band.

Capstan sounds like a really neat mixture of early Set Your Goals, Such Gold, and A Loss For Words in some ways. It's heavy, melodic, and the band has a really good intensity throughout this EP. It really has a lot of heavy drumming and riffy guitar parts. At times it gets a little chaotic and heavy and then the band is able to bring it back to nice melodically ear pleasing sing along moments. It's a really nice balance. "Relics In Ruin" is a nice mixture of melodic and throat straining pop/punk vocals that sounds really neat. It's a song that has the poppy melodic sensibility the band has marriaged with the driving intensity. It also screams single potential and listener favorite in my opinion. "Can't.Lie.Around.Remembering.Everything", an acoustic song, closes the album. The lyrical content and emotions on the song are good. The vocals really express the emotions in the song. At times they are so melodic and at various other points they sound so strained with emotion. It's a really good closer for the EP.

If you're like me and December can turn into a somber kind of music month then this is just the music to make you jump up, stop being content with sitting around on a cold day, and start growing a little impatient that the warm weather isn't here yet. Jump on the pop/punk EP 2014 bandwagon because it's still going pretty strong. Capstan is continued proof that this has been the year for good upcoming pop/punk bands with strong EPs. This EP is worth your time. Check it out!

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