Busy Living - How an Ending Feels (EP Review)

Busy Living released their newest EP, How an Ending Feels, not too long ago. I recently got around to giving this release a good solid listen. I've been discovering a ton of interesting new pop/punk bands this year so I was definitely interested to see if Busy Living could be another one of those.

This year, to me, feels like one of the bigger years for pop/punk EPs. I've found so many up and coming pop/punk bands releasing great EPs as opposed to albums. Busy Living has done the same thing with How An Ending Feels. This is a really good EP. It sounds really cohesive. I enjoy the vocals. It's just a super catchy pop/punk EP. "Blankets" has a great intro riff that just shocks your ears when it comes on. It's immediate and instantly catchy. The vocals remind me of a mix between some of the newer bands making big waves in pop/punk like Knuckle Puck and Real Friends. They sound really fresh and current.

I think this EP succeeds in large parts because the production sounds so good and it's really well written. It's not the most clean sounding EP, but I really like how clean the instruments and vocals sound while still maintaining that slight rough edge. "Circadian" is a nice acoustic song that is pretty strong lyrically. I'm a sucker for acoustic pop/punk tunes and this song comes out being one I really enjoy. It sticks out a ton. The back-up female vocals on the song sound really good and add a lot to it. "Sewn Up" has great mixing and production. It sounds better than pop/punk bands who have been at it for years with those nice major or big indie label budgets. It's a really compete pop/punk song. That's really how the entire EP plays. If you're looking for good solid pop/punk this band and EP showcase the sound nicely.

Busy Living is another really good up and coming pop/punk band. How An Ending Feels is a release I know will be on my EPs of the year list this year. I can see myself coming back to the EP and the songs have really been growing on me over repeated listens. Check this one out. It's really good pop/punk music. I could easily see this band becoming a lot bigger and making a big connection with a lot of pop/punk fans.

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