Letter High - North (EP Review)

Letter High is a relatively new pop/punk band from San Jose. The group recently released their new acoustic EP North. When I saw the vintage looking cover art for the EP I really dug it and decided I'd give it a listen.

Now, to give you some perspective, I listen to tons of EPs, albums, etc... on bandcamp all the time. Within one week I've probably checked out anywhere from 5-20 new bands on bandcamp. It really is rare that one just catches me and I feel the need to write a review for it. This EP is one of those. Vocalist Aevan Matthew Balan has a voice that instantly connects with the listener. He delivers some great earnest pop/punk vocals on this EP and he really has great control over his voice. The guitar work sounds crisp and sunny. The title track "North" is the definite highlight of the EP. The lyrics are really well done on the song. The song incorporates some additional musical elements which add to the acoustic vibe. Overall it's just a really well written song. It's probably in the top 10 or 20 best pop/punk songs I've heard this year. "Leave It To Bieber" has some really nice guitar parts and I really like the intro to the song. The band also cover Fall Out Boy's "Chicago Is Two Years Ago" with some slight lyric changes. It's re-titled "San Jo Is So Two Years Ago". I think the song showcases Aevan Matthew Balan's vocal ability nicely and it gives new listeners something that is familiar.

There's no way around it; Letter High has a really fantastic EP with North. Acoustic pop/punk performed correctly can sound really good and this band definitely achieve that with this EP. The EP is super catchy and the production sounds great. If you've been searching for some good up and coming pop/punk bands Letter High should be on the list. I'm excited to see what the band does in the future. If this EP is any indication I expect some really good things from them.

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