Short Answers - This Is A Perfect Place (Album Review)

There's something about Short Answers that I just can't deny. They have the feeling of those great early-mid 2000s emo/rock bands like The Early November and Hidden In Plain View. In a way their new album, This Is A Perfect Place, could compete with either of those band's classic releases. I had heard of Short Answers a while before I saw the album artwork for This Is A Perfect Place, but the artwork instantly caught my eye. It reminded me of Saves The Day's Stay What You Are slightly. The green of the grass really complimented the maroon shirted girl running away from the camera. I instantly streamed the first three songs and was really impressed with what I heard. I was definitely stoked to finally hear the full album when the band sent over This Is A Perfect Place for me to check out. I had also hoped that it would live up to my expectations.

On first listen I definitely felt the vibes of the artists like I mentioned above, but on songs like "Pocket Knife" I could sense the freshness of the songwriting and how this album could easily fit into today's music scene. If you're a fan of Have Mercy or Northbound you could easily get into this. I'm a big fan of the production and mixing on the album. Everything works in a nice way and sounds like it fits the vibe of the album really well. I also really like the way the vocals were done. There are some nice trade-off vocals that give the songs interesting attitudes and moods. The album has some really interesting guitar riffs scattered throughout it as well.

The aforementioned "Pocket Knife" and "Photographs" are great songs. "Photographs" has this really heavy intense guitar riff with really good emo/rock vocals that almost reminds me of something like The Movielife in their Forty Hour Train Back To Pen era. The song just jams. "Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything" sounds so laid-back and reserved while building a moody intensity similar to something you'd hear on Armor For Sleep's album What To Do When You're Dead.

Short Answers has created a really cool album with This Is A Perfect Place. It captures intensity and emotion in a nice way. It also has a nice classic emo/rock sound while sounding fresh and maintaining relevance in today's music scene. It sounds like a nice complete album and it really doesn't have any skippers. It's very well constructed. Check this one out. It's a good one that I'm really enjoying!

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