Highlighting Artists (April 2014)

It's time for the fourth installment of one of our newer features. This feature basically highlights bands/artists that I think are worth checking out. They may have significant buzz or they might not be on many people's radars just yet. Check out all of April picks after the jump.


This band has a great 90's alternative rock, indie rock vibe, with some pretty good emotional lyrics. The songs have these really good 90's grunge sounding guitar parts. The sound and vibe of their EP, Plugged In, is really cool and definitely worth checking out!

Check out their music here:


California Cousins

This band has guitar riffs that remind me a lot of Their/They're/There mixed with vocals that remind me of a singer like Bob Nanna (Braid/Hey Mercedes). Their EP, No More Summers, is three songs of really well done emotional indie/rock.

Check out their music here:


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