Overthinker - “BRAINFREEZE” (Exclusive Song Premiere)

Orlando-based pop/punk & emo band, Overthinker, released their new single, “BRAINFREEZE” today, which features JER of Skatune Network. We are excited to premiere it at Sound In The Signals. The song “captures the essence of navigating through the scorching heat of a summer day in Florida while also addressing the relatable struggles of brain fog and forgetfulness”. 

Vocalist Tony Murphy says "“BRAINFREEZE” is essentially my way of recognizing and coming to terms with the fact that sometimes I just can't get my head straight. As much as I try to lead on to my peers that I've got everything figured out. There are plenty of times where I find myself forgetful, foggy and burnt out, and this song commits my feelings to that. We wanted to capture that moment where you just know there's something you're supposed to do or remember but you just can't seem to find the word or what it was supposed to be, we're comparing a conventional brainfreeze to... well a brain fart for lack of better terms". Check out the new song below. 

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