Sound In The Signals - 2023 Anticipated Music Releases

We’re here at the start of a new year again, which means it’s time to highlight some artists that we anticipate will release new music this year. Most of these releases have been confirmed, semi-confirmed, or they have been very heavily rumored. Check out our most anticipated list for 2023 below.

blink-182 - ‘TBA’

Arguably the biggest pop/punk band of all time releasing a new album with their classic lineup is pretty much top-tier awesome. On top of that everyone in the band appears to be happy, excited, and energized. I expect this to be one of the best albums of the year.


Jaden Hossler’s debut album, produced by Travis Barker, was better in some ways than I could have imagined it would be. I expect sonic and lyrical growth on his upcoming album. I’m expecting Barker to be heavily involved again. If recent single “Sober” is any indication then this album should be really good.

Oolong - ‘TBA’

This band is just bubbling right under the surface to becoming a big band in emo and I think they’re poised to have a massive breakout year in 2023. In fact, I think this could easily be one of the best emo albums of 2023. This is the band to watch out for in 2023.

Phem - ‘TBA’

I hope we get a Phem album this year. I definitely expect we’ll hear some music, but I’m hoping for a full-length project. Phem has consistently released great singles over the past year or so. I hope it’s all leading up to a bigger project.

Guitar Fight From Fooly Cooly - ‘TBA’

I thought this band was going to have a huge 2022. They had tons of hype and critical praise for their debut album. Then they just went silent. Recently they’ve announced they aren’t finished yet. I’ve heard rumors that an EP could be coming, but nothing is confirmed. If they do get another release out this year then I think it’s going to be really good.

Bearings - ‘TBA’

I feel like this band is on the cusp of being bigger than they currently are. They’re one of my favorite newer era Pure Noise bands. I think we’ll hear some slight sonic progressions and continued refinement of their sound.

Mod Sun - ‘God Save The Teen’

Mod Sun’s back with John Feldmann for this one and who could blame him. ‘Internet Killed The Rockstar’ was fantastic. I think this new album will improve the formula the two have already mastered. I’m expecting dynamic, well-written, and well-produced songs.

Robo Pumpkin - ‘TBA’

I think this will be the best, most realized version of Robo Pumpkin. I think the production will be bigger and better. The single is fantastic. I like the themes the album is said to be centered around.


I’ve heard rumors that WSTR will finally release their third long-awaited album this year. There isn’t much more to say other than every single they’ve released since their sophomore album has been fantastic and I expect the album to follow suit. I do think this might be a return to their roots album. 

Knuckle Puck - ‘TBA’

The band recently signed with Pure Noise so I expect this could be their best album rollout to date. This band has become a genre staple and they’ve been consistent. I feel like this upcoming album could take the best elements of their entire discography and put them all together. Of course they could do something completely different. In any case this should be a good one.

Real Friends - ‘TBA’

We’ve heard Real Friends with Cody Muraro for a couple years now and it’s been pretty solid material, but I think fans are waiting for the album. We haven’t heard a full-length since 2018’s ‘Composure’ and in my opinion that’s a modern era pop/punk classic. I think we’ll finally hear a new album this year. I expect if we do then the band will give it everything they’ve got. This is going to be a big one for Real Friends. It just has to be.

Kennyhoopla - ‘TBA’

Supposedly an album was going to come out in 2022, but it never happened. Kennyhoopla’s been teasing new songs. I think this will be great. Kennyhoopla is still one of the best artists to come out of the mainstream punk rock resurgence of the last few years.

House Parties - ‘TBA’

The band has been teasing new music. I’m expecting at least some singles, probably an EP, but nothing is confirmed. Their debut EP ‘Tiny Rooms’ is solid. I feel like we probably haven’t even heard the best music from this band yet. I think this is going to be some really good music.

Honey Creek - ‘TBA’

Is this band the most underrated band in pop/punk? They just might be. I think 2020’s ‘A Whole Year In Transit’ was such a great pop/punk emo-tinged album. It captured all the things I like about the genre and I’ve returned to it a lot. I’m really interested to hear how they progress. I know they will have some new singles on the way at least. I expect we might hear a new EP or album, but nothing is confirmed.

Ben Quad - ‘TBA’

Who had a better breakout year in the emo scene in 2022 than Ben Quad? I’ve heard rumors that they’re already working on a new album. I think they’ll strike while the iron is hot and deliver more fantastic music and continue to build their buzz.

Northbound - ‘TBA’

We’re getting a new Northbound album this year. From everything I’ve seen and heard it’s finished. Northbound is another terribly underrated artist/band. I expect this to be the best album the project has released so far.

Khaki Cuffs - EP ‘TBA’ 

Khaki Cuffs released the first song from what is supposed to be a reworked songs EP recently and it’s fantastic. It’s so great to see and hear this band come back. I’m excited to hear the reworked versions and I think everything about it is going to be fantastic.

Neck Deep - ‘TBA’

I think we’ll finally hear a new album this year. After a somewhat experimental, but great, album with ‘All Distortions Are Intentional’ and a new single that’s a return to their roots I expect this to be a mix of both worlds. This band is really consistent so I expect they’ll continue the trend.

Keep Flying - EP ‘TBA’

I know from recent interviews that the band has a new EP finished. They’re saying it is the best music they’ve ever written and I believe them. This band never misses. Their entire discography is gold. So I 100% expect this to be as well. 

La Croix Can Recycling Center - ‘TBA’

I know we’re getting an album in the Spring or Summer. The most recent single “Trash Mammal” is great. I expect the album will be just as good. 

Gwuak! - 'TBA'

I know the album is written and will be recorded early in the year. I feel like this band has some great buzz. I expect this to be a standout emo album this year.

Militarie Gun - ‘TBA’

From the rumors I’ve heard this album is finished. This band is one of the best heavy bands out right now. Stylistically they’re doing all kinds of neat experimentation. I expect the album to continue that trend.

Koyo - ‘TBA’

From what I’ve seen and heard this album is finished being recorded. This band has had such a great run of EPs and singles. I feel like it’s all been leading to this album. The hype is real with this band.

Scowl - ‘TBA’

I’ve heard and read from interviews with the band that we’re getting new music this year. I’m really interested to see what direction they go in. Will they get heavier or lean more into the melodic punk of “Seeds To Sow” from their last album. Honestly, I’m hoping to hear some more melodic songs.

Chicago Coffee Cult - ‘TBA’

I know the band is currently writing new music and it’s going to have improved production and more of a full band sound. Their demo EP is a good introduction to this band and I’m excited to hear what they have coming up.

Arcadia Grey - ‘TBA’

I know this band has recorded their sophomore album. I really enjoyed their last album. It has tons of energy and feels slightly raw in production. I feel like their sophomore album will keep the intensity, but will probably up the production and refinement. 

The Story So Far - ‘TBA’

The long-awaited new album from this band is rumored to come out this year. With blink-182 tour dates coming up for the band and Parker Cannon coming off a great 2022 with his side project No Pressure this year could be the year for this release. This band has never released anything bad. I expect this to be great.

Hot Mulligan - ‘TBA’

This band has become a massive force in the pop/punk and emo community. I think we’ll hear some new music this year and it will continue to push their momentum.

Home Is Where - ‘TBA’

This band has finished their second album. Sonically, we’ve heard some interesting twists and turns from this band. I have no clue what to expect this to sound like, but I expect it to be really good.

Catbite - ‘TBA’

This band is one of the biggest up-and-coming bands in the new wave of ska. I’m sure we’ll get some new music this year. I’m hoping for a new album. This band could expand to an even bigger audience this year.

Meet Me @ The Altar - ‘TBA’

This was supposed to come out in 2022 but was delayed. The band is saying they’re taking a slightly different direction  soundwise with this album. The lead single is really solid. The wait hasn’t seemed to impact fans eager anticipation. I finally think MM@TA will deliver on all the hype and praise they’ve received with this album.

Saturdays At Your Place - ‘Always Cloudy’

I’ve actually had a chance to listen to this so I can confirm it’s very good. This release proves why No Sleep Records wanted to sign them. It’s fantastic and is guaranteed to be an early emo favorite for the first part of this year.

Haunt Dog - ‘TBA’

This band has at least one more single coming up this year. The debut single is great. They’re definitely a noteworthy new band in the emo scene.

Peach Rings - ‘TBA’

The lead single “1983 Lisa” is a full-on emo rocker. With contributions from Tape Girl and Kmoy this album should be very good. 

Big Laugh - ‘Consume Me’

I think this band could release one of the best hardcore punk albums of the year. They signed to the mighty Revelation Records and the lead single ‘Mask’ is chaotic, energetic, and awesome.

This Wild Life - ‘TBA’

The band announced they’ll be releasing a new album this year. This band has been consistent. With life changes like marriages and children I expect that this could be their most mature effort to date. 

Pomegranate Tea - 'TBA'

I know this band has some music in the works and they want to release a full-length before more EPs. This band is on my shortlist of the best newer emo bands. I expect them to become a lot bigger in the emo scene in 2023.  

Between You & Me - ‘TBA’

This band released one of the better pop/punk albums of the last couple of years with ‘Armageddon’. They’re no longer on Hopeless Records. I think with their newfound independence we will hear music earlier than later. I also think this could be some of their best material to date.

Other artists we think will release music and other releases we’re looking forward to:

New Found Glory - ‘Make The Most Of It’

Paramore - 'This Is Why'

MxPx - 'TBA'

Fox Teeth - 'TBA'

Waterparks - 'Intellectual Property"

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness -'TBA'

Metallica - '72 Seasons'

Fall Out Boy - 'TBA'

See You Smile - ‘On Your Mark’

Boston Manor - 'TBA'

Chad Tepper - 'TBA'

Stress Fractures - 'Stress Fractures'

Lil Aaron - 'TBA'

Locket -'TBA'

Sincere Engineer - 'TBA'

Rematch -'TBA'

Aryia -'TBA'

Square Loop - 'TBA'

The Casper Fight Scene - 'TBA'

Mansions - 'TBA'

Say It Anyway - “Bad Luck Days”

Park National - 'TBA'

Elliott Green - 'Everything I Lack'

Good Grief - 'TBA'

Dusty Cubby - “Yukon Suckerpunch”

The Last Arizona - 'TBA'

Strange Joy - ‘TBA’

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