Sound In The Signals - Best EPs of 2022

Sound In The Signals is excited to share our best EPs of 2022 list. To be considered for this list the EP had to be released between January 1st - December 16, 2022. Check out the list below and be sure to tell us what you’ve been listening to this year. 

1.Koyo - ‘Ten Digits Away’

 I think 2022 was a massive year for Koyo. They were on the road a lot, signed with Pure Noise, and released this collection of standalone singles that were put together to make this release. So while maybe this isn’t a traditional EP I still feel like it counts. The strength of each of these songs is what makes Koyo so great. They’ve basically never written a mediocre song in their career. “Ten Digits Away” is one of the best songs of the year. “Straight North” has all the best elements of the vintage Long Island Hardcore sound while being inventive enough to bring the sound into this current era. “Call It Off” has an earnest feeling to it and gives that classic emo heart on your sleeve vibe that comes off as genuine. All these songs are worth repeated listens.



2.Stand Still - ‘In A Moments Notice’


3.Sparing - ‘No Room Left To Grow’


4.Origami Angel - ‘re:turn’


5.LØLØ - ‘Debbie Downer’


6.JXDN - ‘28 Songs For Cooper’


7.Knuckle Puck - ‘Disposable Life’


8.ASkySoBlack - ‘Autumn In The Water’


9.Excuse Me, Who Are You? - ‘About The Beer I Owed Ya’


10.Park National - ‘I’m Here And This Is Real’


11.Oolong, Camp Trash, Michael Cera Palin, Weatherday - ‘Edema Ruh’ 


12.Wild Red - ‘Promo 22’


13.Mike’s Carwash - ‘I Hope The Roof Flies Off And We Get Sucked Into Space.’


14.Pomegranate Tea - ‘In Contrast’


15.Titus - ‘Damned If I Do’


16.Horror Section - ‘Until The End Of Time’


17.Keep Flying - ‘Revival’


18.Straight Jacket Feeling - ‘Be All End All’


19.Catbite/Mike Park - ‘Wavebreaker 2’


20.Snow Ellet - ‘Glory Days’


21.Flying Racoon Suit - ‘Afterthought’


22.Glazed - ‘Chillogy’


23.Jutes - ‘Hot Trash’


24.Junior Varsity - ‘Side B’


25.Say It Anyway - ‘Picture Frames’


26.The Casper Fight Scene - ‘Good Deal’


27.Waxflower - ‘The Sound Of What Went Wrong’


28.New You - ‘Candy’


29.You Should Be With Us - ‘Expressing What We Felt’


30.Dad Caps - ‘Dad Caps’


31.Normy - ‘On Gods Green Earth’


32.Foreign Hands - ‘Bleed The Dream’


33.Young Costello - ‘Stories Told, Some New, Some Old’


34.Aren’t We Amphibians - ‘Read The Room’


35.Poptropicaslutz! - ‘Just In Case The World Ends’


36.Ennui/Apostles Of Eris - ‘Split EP’


37.Cole Chaney - ‘OurVinyl Session’


38.World Of Pleasure - ‘World Of Pleasure & Friends’


39.Worm - ‘Bluenothing’


40.Your Spirit Dies - ‘Our Saints Drown In Ash’


41.Big Smile - ‘The Truest Friends I’ve Had’


42.flora mma - ‘Goddamn This Guilt Is Gonna Kill Me’


43.Hopespeak - ‘Moving On In Two Parts’


44.Squint - ‘Wash Away’


45.Logan Halstead - ‘OurVinyl Session’


46.Corduroy Pants - ‘I Think We Should Go, Now’


47.Saint Judas - ‘A Terrible Year’


48.Bummer Hill - ‘City Limit’


49.Jobber - ‘Hell In A Cell’


50.Hidden In Plain View - ‘Tantrums’


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