Sound In The Signals - Best Albums of 2022

Sound In The Signals is excited to share our best albums of 2022 list. To be considered for this list the album had to be released between January 1st - December 16, 2022. Check out the list below and be sure to tell us what you’ve been listening to this year.

1.Mom Jeans - ‘Sweet Tooth’

Mom Jeans really cemented their place in the emo/punk scene with this album. They proved why they’re one of the biggest bands in the scene. It has great songwriting and some of their best production to date. I think the band took what made their previous two albums successful and refined the formula on this album. The songs are catchy, interesting, and the entire album feels well-thought-out. 

2.Sueco - ‘It Was Fun While It Lasted’


3.No Pressure - ‘No Pressure’


4.Girlfriends - ‘(e)motion sickness’


5.Machine Gun Kelly - ‘Mainstream Sellout’


6.blackbear - ‘In Loving Memory’


7.Kailee Morgue - ‘Girl Next Door’


8.Camp Trash - ‘The Long Way, The Slow Way’


9.Anxious - ‘Little Green House’


10.Young Culture - ‘You Had To Be There’


11.408 - ‘Out Of It’


12.Prince Daddy & The Hyena - ‘Prince Daddy & The Hyena’


13.Joyce Manor - ‘40oz To Fresno'


14.State Champs - ‘Kings Of The New Age’


15.Jer - ‘Bothered/Unbothered’


16.Carly Cosgrove - ‘See You In Chemistry’


17.Ben Quad - ‘I’m Scared That’s All There Is’


18.Yungblud - ‘Yungblud’


19.Fleshwater - ‘We’re Not Here To Be Loved’


20.The Wonder Years - ‘The Hum Goes On Forever’


21.In Her Own Words - ‘Distance Or Decay’


22.FinalBossFight! - ‘If You Don’t Mind’


23.Oso Oso - ‘sore thumb’


24.Brockhampton - ‘TM’


 25.Static Dress - ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’


26.Soul Blind - ‘Feel It All Around’


27.Sk8 - ‘Last Day On Earth’


28.Arlen Gun Club - ‘Arlen Gun Club’


29.Arm’s Length - ‘Never Before Seen, Never Again Found’


30.Pinegrove - ‘11:11’


31.The Interrupters - ‘In The Wild’


32.Smrtdeath - ‘it’s fine’


33.Weeping Coffin - ‘F.B.I’


34.Combat - ‘Text Me When You Get Back’


35.Magnolia Park - ‘Baku’s Revenge’


36.Brockhampton - ‘The Family’


37.Birthday Dad - ‘The Hermit’


38.Horror Section - ‘Pt II: Rewind Resurrection’


39.Dashboard Confessional - ‘All The Truth That I Can Tell’


40.Cliffdiver - ‘Exercise Your Demons’


41.Career Day - ‘Where We’ve Always Been’


42.Eichlers - ‘My Checkered Futures’


43.Blood Incantation - ‘Timewave Zero’


44.College Radio - ‘Nothing Ever Changes It Only Gets Worse’


45.Pool Kids - ‘Pool Kids’


46.Sweet Pill - ‘Where The Heart Is’


47.Chief State - ‘Waiting For Your Colours’


48.Perspective, a lovely hand to hold - ‘Phantasmagorialand’


49.Mt. Oriander - ‘Then The Lightness Leaves And I Become Heavy Again’


50.Unturned - ‘Dreams Of Being On Television’


51.John’s Cottage - ‘Big & Tall’


52.The 1975 - ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’


53.AG Club - ‘Imposter Syndrome’


54.Temple Of Void - ‘Summoning The Slayer’


55.Mint Green - ‘All Girls Go To Heaven’


56.Greyhaven - ‘This Bright And Beautiful World’

57.Maggie Lindemann - ‘SUCKERPUNCH’

58.Goalkeeper - ‘I Wish I Met You Sooner’

59.49 Winchester - ‘Fortune Favors The Bold’

60.As It Is - ‘I Went To Hell And Back’

61.Hey, ily! - ‘Psychokinetic Love Songs’

62.Action/Adventure - ‘Imposter Syndrome’

63.Tyler Childers - ‘Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven’

64.Simple Plan - ‘Harder Than It Looks’

65.Stand Atlantic - ‘F.E.A.R.’

66.IV & The Strange Band - ‘Southern Circus’

67.Cherie Amour - ‘Spirtual Ascension’

68.The Dangerous Summer - ‘Coming Home’

69.Oakrest - ‘Summer Sun’

70.Cheem - ‘Guilty Pleasure’

71.Topiary Creatures - ‘You Can Only Mourn Surprises’

72.2nd Grade - ‘Easy Listening’

 73.Avril Lavigne - ‘Love Sux’

74.Just Friends - ‘Hella’

75.Dazy - ‘outofbody’

76.Vein.fm - ‘This World Is Going To Ruin You’

77.The Losing Score - ‘Learn To Let This Go’

78.Regulate - ‘Regulate’

79.Mo Troper - ‘MTV’

80.Camp Ghost - ‘Keep It Together’

81.Hans Gruber & The Die Hards - ‘With A Vengence’

82.Drunk Uncle - ‘Look Up’

83.Marigold - ‘A Better Place’

84.Anorak! - ‘Anorak!’

85.The Holophonics - ‘Lavos’

86.Future Teens - ‘Self Help’

87.The Early November - ‘Twenty’

88.A Place For Owls - ‘A Place For Owls’

89.Brakence - ‘hypochondriac’

90.Funeral Homes - ‘Blue Heaven’

91.The Cool Kids - ‘Before Sh*t Got Weird’

92.93feetofsmoke - ‘GOODGRIEF’

93.Pinkshift - ‘Love Me Forever’

94.The Callous Daoboys - ‘Celebrity Therapist’

95.CF98 - ‘This Is Fine’

96.Sobs - ‘Air Guitar’

97.Castaway - ‘With Future Behind’

98.3AM - ‘Life’s Hard’

99.Elephant Jake - ‘Goodness To Honest’ 

100.John Harvie - ‘Told Ya’

101.$uicideboy$ - ‘Sing Me A Lullaby, My Sweet Temptation’

102.Zach Bryan - ‘American Heartbreak’

103.String Machine - ‘Hallelujah Hell Yeah’

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