Sound In The Signals - Best Music Releases Of 2022 List (Mid-Year)

Sound In The Signals is excited to share our best music releases of 2022 mid-year list. To be included in this list the music had to be released between January 1st - July 1st. We've also included a list of a few singles that are either standalone songs or from an album that hasn’t been announced or released yet. Check out the list below and be sure to tell us what you’ve been listening to this year. 

1.Girlfriends - ‘(e)motion sickness’

 2.No Pressure - ‘No Pressure’

 3.Machine Gun Kelly - ‘Mainstream Sellout’

 4.Sueco - ‘It Was Fun While It Lasted’

 5.Camp Trash - ‘The Long Way, The Slow Way’

 6.Mom Jeans - ‘Sweet Tooth’

 7.Carly Cosgrove - ‘See You In Chemistry’

 8.Sk8 - ‘Last Day On Earth’

 9.Anxious - ‘Little Green House’

 10.Joyce Manor - ‘40oz To Fresno’

 11.Smrtdeath - ‘it’s fine’

 12.In Her Own Words - ‘Distance Or Decay’

 13.Jer - ‘Bothered/Unbothered’

 14.Static Dress - ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’

 15.Knuckle Puck - ‘Disposable Life’

 16.Pinegrove - ‘11:11’

 17.Stand Atlantic - ‘F.E.A.R.’

 18.State Champs - ‘Kings Of The New Age’

 19.Chief State - ‘Waiting For Your Colours’

 20.ASkySoBlack - ‘Autumn In The Water’

 21.Wild Red - ‘Promo 22’

 22.Prince Daddy & The Hyena - ‘Prince Daddy & The Hyena’

 23.Eichlers - ‘My Checkered Future’

 24.Oso Oso - ‘sore thumb’

 25.Ben Quad - ‘I’m Scared That’s All There Is’

 26.Dashboard Confessional - ‘All The Truth That I Can Tell’

 27.Cliffdiver - ‘Exercise Your Demons’ 

 28.Magnolia Park - ‘Heart Eater’

 29.Vein.fm - ‘This World Is Going To Ruin You’

 30.Foreign Hands - ‘Bleed The Dream’

 31.Blood Incantation - ‘Timewave Zero’

 32.One Flew West - ‘The Blur’

 33.As It Is - ‘I Went To Hell And Back’

 34.Temple Of Void - ‘Summoning The Slayer’

 35.Greyhaven - ‘This Bright And Beautiful World’

 36.Waxflower - ‘The Sound Of What Went Wrong’

 37.Hey, ILY - ‘Psychokinetic Love Songs’

 38.49 Winchester - ‘Fortune Favors The Bold’

 39.Avril Lavigne - ‘Love Sux’

 40.Flying Raccoon Suit - ‘Afterthought’

41.Mint Green - ‘All Girls Go To Heaven’
42.Supercrush - ‘Melody Maker’
43.Tate McRae - ‘I Used To Think I Could Fly’
44.Carlie Hanson - ‘Tough Boy’
45.Zach Bryan - ‘American Heartbreak’
46.IV & The Strange Band - ‘Southern Circus’
47.Praise - ‘All In A Dream’
48.Just Friends - 'HELLA'
49.Keep Off The Grass - 'Here But Not There'
50.PS You're Dead - 'Sugar Rot'

Singles (Either Standalone or The Album Hasn't Released Yet):

Koyo - “Straight North” & “Ten Digits Away”

blackbear - “gfy”

Yungblud - “The Funeral”

Hot Mulligan - “Drink Milk And Run”

Chad Tepper - “don’t wanna die”

Cleveland Avenue - “Lucy”

Mod Sun - “Rich Kids Ruin Everything” & “Perfectly Imperfect”

Boxboy - “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Ogbert The Nerd - “A New Kind Of Borkulator”

Kennyhoopla - “Dirty White Vans”

Kailee Morgue - “Loser”

Cherie Amour - “Sin City”

LØLØ - “Debbie Downer”

Oolong - “Bicycle Day”

Militarie Gun & Dazy - “Pressure Cooker”

Bent Blue - ‘Where Do Ripples Go?’

408 - “Mark Hoppus”

Normy - “Rest In Pieces”

Jxdn - ‘28 (Songs For Cooper)’

Junior Varsity - “Rushh”

Pinkshift - “nothing (in my head)”

44blonde - “Should’ve Stayed Home”

Real Friends - “Tell Me You’re Sorry” & “Always Lose”

Neck Deep - “STFU”

Sunami - “I Don’t Care”

Pool Kids - “I Hope You’re Right”

Private Mind - “Strangers”

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