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I recently had the opportunity to interview Among Legends. We discussed how the band is continuing to change the narrative and perception of pop/punk, what they hope fans take away from their new album, ‘Take Good Care’, the writing process and lyrical themes they explored, recording the album, what they were looking forward to prior to their album release tour, how important it is to release music physically, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview.

Thanks for asking us to chat again!

We interviewed you back in 2016 and among the things we discussed was how you wanted to change the narrative and the perception of pop/punk. What are your thoughts on that now?

We're still working on it! Not every day is a good day, but not every day is a bad day, and I think that continues to come across in the music we're putting out. Thinking about experiences from different angles and viewpoints is healthy and important, and we've continued to take that approach on this new album.

You released new album 'Take Good Care' on July 8th. What do you hope fans take away from the album?

Firstly - we really hope they enjoy the music! We had a lot of fun working on this album, and we hope folks enjoy the mix of songs. There's some uptempo songs, some stuff that's more serious, and a few lighter songs to help keep the listening experience fun overall.

Can you tell us more about the writing process and the lyrical themes you explored?

We're pretty collaborative in the workshopping of our songs. Even if someone brings a full song to the rest of the band to work on, we all chip in to try and make each song as fun for everyone to play as possible. Since this is our first full-length record, we also had lots of time to spend with the music, so we felt really good about the stuff we brought into the studio.

Lyrically, we wanted the songs to feel personal but still mature. There are songs about the ups and downs of relationships, songs about dealing with internal struggles, and some songs inspired by stuff happening in the world when we wrote the album.

Can you tell us more about the recording process? What came easiest in the process and what took more time?

Because we had done a lot of prep before recording, the week we spent in the studio was intense but not particularly hard - which was awesome. We got to bounce ideas off the producer, improvise a little, and generally enjoy the experience of recording the album.

We recorded drums at Beach Road Studios, and the rest of the album at The Cat Box. Drums were done in a single day, which made it easier for everyone else! Longest time was probably guitars or vocals - we wanted to have lots of layers to make the album feel big and full.

You’re about to kick off your album release tour. What are you most looking forward to about it?

We can't wait to play some new places, meet new bands, and hang out together for a week. It's hard to line up 5 people's vacation schedules to make this happen - so this is a rare treat! Having the album out and being able to show folks what we've been working on is really cool, so it's awesome that we have a chance to share the music with some new friends.

You’re also releasing the album on cassette and vinyl. How important is it to the band to have a physical release and the music pressed on vinyl?

Aside from it just being insanely cool to see our record on vinyl and cassette, I think the math works out to every shirt or record sale putting a quarter-tank of gas in our car? The stops on this tour are far apart! So as much as access to streaming is terrific, it's much more helpful to sell a few records or tapes to help fund the tour. But really, the best part is how cool they look.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Thanks for chatting with us, and thanks to everyone who's been listening to Take Good Care so far. Head to amonglegends.com for tour dates, streaming links, our merch store and more!

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