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I recently had the opportunity to interview Lexi Vega of Mini Trees. We discussed lyrical inspiration, writing “Slip Away”, releasing a split on vinyl, why it’s important to use your platform to boost causes, what’s next, and more. Check it out below.

You released an acoustic version of “Slip Away” in December and you donated the proceeds to RROC. Can you tell me about why helping this cause is so important to you? 

Reclaim & Rebuild Our Community (RROC) is a local organization of Indigenous and Latinx families in El Sereno, CA facing housing instability, and raising funds to provide temporary shelter, livable conditions, furniture, appliances, etc. for these families. It's important to me to stay informed and contribute towards the wellbeing of our local community.

Do you have plans to do more things like that in the future? 

Definitely. If you have any kind of platform at all, even if it's small, I think it's important to use it to boost the causes you care about.

“Slip Away” is one of my favorite songs of yours. I really like the intro of the song and the lyrics are really interesting. What was the songwriting process like for it and what was your lyrical inspiration? 

Thanks! The lyrics to Slip Away are a vulnerable internal dialogue about struggling with self-loathing in the midst of a lot of mental health stuff that I was experiencing that year. I tend to write with a really personal and transparent voice, sometimes forgetting that other people will be eventually be hearing or reading the words.

What’s your songwriting process like in general? Do you like to start with music or lyrics first? 

I typically start with music. I'll track some chord progression ideas and maybe record a mumble track over it to get some melodies down. It's usually the melodies that start to inspire what I want the song to be about.

You released two of your EPs on a split vinyl release. How important is having your music on vinyl to you? 

Releasing the split EP on vinyl was a really fun and important milestone for me, and vinyl will definitely continue to be part of future releases.  

The vinyl pressing featured all new artwork. Who came up with the artwork and what was the meaning behind it for you? 

Alice Henry who designed the Slip Away EP artwork worked on the vinyl artwork too. I asked Alice to create a new piece that was loosely based off of each EP's artwork, which was inspired by some photos my friend took in Japan. 

Have you been working on any new music? Can we expect to hear anything this year? 

Yep! Finished my first full length album and I should be able to start sharing some info about that fairly soon.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add? 

Thanks for having me!

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