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I recently had the opportunity to interview GoodGrief ahead of the release of their acoustic version of “(Unsaid)”. We discussed their approach with the acoustic version, lyrical inspiration, what’s next for the band, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Hello! Thank you for having us once again! 

You’re releasing an acoustic version of “(Unsaid)”. Can you tell me about recording this acoustic version?

About mid-November myself (Benji) and Damo in the band tested positive for Coronavirus which obviously sucked but we are fortunate enough to live together so we decided to turn the negative of isolating inside for 10 days into a positive by knuckling down and recording this version of (Unsaid)! It's something we wanted to do anyway and Covid oddly enough provided the perfect opportunity for that. 

Did you use any special instrumentation for the acoustic version of the song?

We didn't use anything too out there on this one, it's got some really nice, subtle piano parts on there blended with a bit of a spacy electric guitar which gives it these nice warm moments, but nothing much more experimental than that haha!

I really like the original version of “(Unsaid)”. When did you write it and what was the lyrical inspiration?

We started writing (Unsaid) just before Worth It came out and it came together quite quickly really. The track is all about my anxieties of life and being unable to switch off the constant worrying in my own head. So when mixed with the madness of this year,  it makes for great lyrical content for the track! 

You shared a cool advertisement for the acoustic version of the song with the tag “Now With 50% more vibes”. I like that. How’d you come up with the overall look for it and what was the inspiration for that?

Damo does all the art in the band, but I'm proud to take credit for the concept of that artwork! I just figured it would be cool to promote the song in a different way rather than your bog standard promo graphic, so I thought it would be cool to have a graphic reminiscent of retro print ads for like Diet Cola or something like that with all these cheesy taglines. 

Is there any chance that you would record an acoustic version of “Worth It”? Or do you have plans for anything else? 

We wanted to do both songs acoustically originally, but after working on (Unsaid) we decided that just doing the one track would be enough for now because it's still a great deal of work to put together. Who knows though, maybe someday!

Since we last talked, you’ve released more music and a video. What’s coming up for your band in 2021? 

I'm so glad you asked! We're about 90% done recording the next GoodGrief track which we're aiming to get out within the first month or two of 2021 and then just keep the ball rolling with writing and releasing songs as we come up with them! We have toyed around with the idea of doing an EP but for now we enjoy putting music out in this format, it means we can release songs more consistently and give every track the love and attention it deserves! 

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Not too much else to add other than stay safe out there, look after yourselves and others around you and we hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and a happy new year! x

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