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I recently had the opportunity to interview Riverview. We discussed their new EP, Conflate, filming the video for “Feel Alive”, what’s next for the band, and more. Check it out below..

You released your debut EP ‘Conflate’ not too long ago. Can you tell me about the writing and recording process for the EP?

As we all got out of our old projects, we had not much to do except writing songs without purpose, just for the sake of it. After we met Marc, we chose 5 of the songs Filip has written and wrote vocals on them. The whole thing happened very quickly. We literally finished the demos the night before leaving for Toronto to record with Anton. It took us a total of 11 days to work on pre-production and track the 5 songs.

The artwork for the EP is really cool. It’s very eye catching. Who designed it and came up with the concept? What is the photo from?

The artwork was made by Alex Mercier, a canadian artist from the suburbs of Ottawa. Our original idea was to include water, in reference to Riverview, and then knowing that the name of the EP was going to be Conflate [Def.: to combine (two or more texts, ideas, etc.) into one], we wanted to just blend any ideas he had in his style into one artwork. We gave him that idea to start with but other than that, it was a blank card. Turns out that it looks amazing and we are more than happy about it.

You released a video for “Feel Alive”. Do you have an interesting story from the video shoot? Was it a fun video to shoot?

Right after the skater's last shot we took, he wrecked his ankle so bad he couldn't do anything for many weeks. That kind of thing could happen anytime but we've been lucky enough to shoot everything before he injured himself. Except for that, we had a lot of fun shooting this video. It took us a lot of time to do because we organized everything by ourselves and after the pandemic's first wave, not much places were available for us to bring a whole team and shoot the video.

Have you been pleased with the reception of the EP so far? Has the pandemic impacted plans for the EP or the band at all? 

Honestly, we're more than happy about the response we had. It's our very first release as a band and it's such an amazing feeling to see that we've reached over 13k monthly listeners and 100k+ streams from around the globe during the month following the release. Unfortunately, the pandemic did have an impact on our plans. We wanted to go on tour for the release of our EP but with all events being cancelled for an undetermined period, we had to move on with different plans.

What else do you have planned for the year? Is there any chance you are planning any livestreams?

The lockdown didn't allow us to do what we wanted this year, so we changed plans. We took that time to write a bunch of other songs and got back to the studio as soon as we could. This being said, after spending much of September with Anton recording those songs, we'll have some new releases coming in a near future.

Even though we weren't initially thinking of doing any livestreams, but maybe we'll do one before the end of the year. At the moment, we're still in the process of recording those new songs. Once we're finished, it'll be time to figure what's next for us this year, but a live session might be possible.

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