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We recently had the chance to interview Ontario pop punk quartet, Fortune Cove. We discussed their new album, Dear Happiness, why releasing their music on vinyl is important, and more. "We’ve never been so excited to release a piece of music,” Mittendorf said. “Literal blood, sweat and tears went into this record that almost never saw the light of day. We are honored to be partnering up with Four Chord Music for this release."

First, thanks for the interview.

Thank you for wanting to interview us.

Your new album ‘Dear Happiness’ just came out. Can you tell me about the writing and recording process for the album?

The writing and recording process was a long and windy road. Maybe one day we'll share the full story of exactly what happened, but let's just say Dear Happiness nearly didn't happen. We are very excited that its finally out.

One thing I really like about the songs you’ve released so far is the production and mixing. It sounds really great. How long did you work on fine tuning the overall finished sound of the album?

This record was fully produced and tracked by our guitarist Zac Widarski. The mixing was done by Sam Guiana. They both absolutely killed it on this record. We had most of these songs written for 3-4 years now, and they've definitely all changed shape since we first wrote them. You write something so long ago and you come up with better ideas along the way and make the necessary changes. The recording / mixing process took about one year.

You released “Direction” and “Goodbye” as singles from the album. Can you tell me about writing those songs specifically and why you picked them as singles?

Between the four of us, our label and some close friends of ours, we all chose two songs from the nine that we all thought would make the best singles. Both Direction and Goodbye were the ones that most of us chose. I personally feel like these two best represent the album as a whole.

Four Chord Music released the album. Why did you decide to sign with them and how has the experience been so far?

We honestly couldn't have done this without Rishi Ball (Four Chord Music). He's given us the motivation and drive to keep pushing forward when we weren't sure what the future of this band would hold. We owe everything to FCM. Pittsburgh for life.

 The new album is getting a vinyl release. Vinyl has become a big part of, not only the underground but also, mainstream sales. How important was it for you to release the album on vinyl? What can fans expect from the packaging? Do you have any surprises with the vinyl version of the album?

Again, we never would've been able to do vinyl if it wasn't for Four Chord Music. None of us have ever had any piece of music released on vinyl, so we are very excited to be able to do this. I think people like to hold onto something, a physical product that they can collect. CD's are still necessary to have but people like to have collectible variants and you can do that with vinyl. No big surprises with the vinyl, just nine solid old school pop punk tunes that we hope you enjoy.

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Check out the new record if you haven't already. Spotify, Apple Music, or you can buy a physical at www.fourchordmusic.com

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