Issue Of The Month: "Amazing Spider-Man" Issue 22 (December 2016)

It's time for another issue of the month when I pick one issue from any current running comic series to highlight. For December 2016, I decided to pick "Amazing Spider-Man", Issue 22.

Clone Conspiracy Spoilers Below!

It's the end of 2016 and this December, Marvel delivered a pretty epic start to this new Spider-Man event, Clone Conspiracy. This issue continues the startling reveal that Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider) is the new Jackal and provides the back story for what he's been up to since we last saw Ben as the Scarlet Spider. It's almost a new origin story for Ben becoming the Jackal. It's a twist that a lot of fans didn't see coming and an interesting take on a classic fan loved character. I think this issue might be one of the biggest issues of any comic that was released in 2016. I knew this had to be issue of the month the second I finished it. I won't spoil everything in this quick review, but I will say I think Clone Conspiracy will end up being a must read Spider-Event for Spider-Man fans.

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