Everywhere - 'Fiction Act' Track by Track

London alt rock band Everywhere spent time in Stockholm, Los Angeles and London while collaborating with multiple producers, including Mark Needham (The 1975, The Killers) while recording their upcoming, sophomore EP, Fiction Act. They've recently finished their first UK tour with stops in Brighton, Liverpool and Glasgow and they'll be headlining the Camden Rocks "All Dayer" at Proud in London on January 21st. The EP is due out on Friday, December 9th. You can pre-order it via iTunes and stream it early here. First, let them tell you more about the EP in their track by track.

Shades At Night:

The song is basically about an ex lover with brick walls around the heart.

This track was a challenge to get right. The original demo was recorded and produced by Mark Needham in Los Angeles and had a completely different vibe from the final master. The first draft had an acoustic and country feel with a lot of cowbells and stuff like that. The final version had some slight alterations to the arrangement with a massive 100 voice chorus arranged by American voice actor Shane August.


Heroine is a song about those rollercoaster like relationships when the fights are really intense but the sex is great.

The chorus was originally something Max Berga wrote for an EDM group but they never really recorded the song so we decided to use the chorus for ourselves. It was produced and co-written by Markus Videsäter.

Some Other Dude:

The song is about those lost moments, when we have a chance to love but let it slip away. The single was a breeze to write and record. It was done in a few days with writer / Producer Markus Videsäter over in Stockholm Sweden during a few extremely cold winter days.

Let it Go:

This song is one of the more deeper and personal tracks on the EP. Its theme is about how we sometimes are so afraid to loose something that we hang on to it too hard and our neediness ends up driving it away. “To keep her love I’ve got to let it go”. It’s sort of a paradox, how we need to let something go in order to keep it.

This song posed a massive challenge and Max recorded the vocals mostly on the road while on tour. He then sent the stems to Swedish producer Jonathan Lennerbrant who patched it all together in his studio in Stockholm Sweden. It was unusual to work with a producer you’ve never met and a real challenge but we’re very happy with how the track turned out in the end.

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