Courage My Love - New Album Details

Courage My Love announced new details about their upcoming debut album, Synesthesia. The 14 track album is due out Friday, February 3, 2017 via Invogue Records. It was recorded in Toronto at Noble Studios and Pocket Studios. Defined as a blending of the senses where the stimulation of one sense leads to an automatic, involuntary reaction in another, like hearing in colour, Synesthesia was titled to reflect Courage My Love's newfound stylistic maturity. The album is ultimately about emotional empowerment.

Drummer, Phoenix Arn-Horn said "we wanted it to be a message where if someone is going through something, where they're doubting themselves or are just in a bad situation, that they hear something in the album that makes them realize that they can make it out the other side". Guitarist/singer, Mercedes added "we didn't want to be stuck underneath a female-fronted rock band ceiling. We wanted to reach beyond that constraint and see where it would take us". Pre-order it via Invogue and their webstore. Listen to "Stereo" and see the tracklistng and cover art below.

1. Synesthesia
2. Animal Heart
3. Walls
4. Stereo
5. Love Hurts
6. Drowning
7. Tough Love
8. Two Headed Monster
9. Sight:Sound
10. Need Someone
11. Dirt
12. The Year I Disappeared
13. Never Gonna Change
14. Taste:Touch

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