Softspoken - New Song "Wanderer" & EP Details

Post-hardcore band Softspoken recently announced their debut EP, Pathways, after signing with We Are Triumphant. The 5-song EP is due out on March 17th. They said "we want our music to be thought and emotion provoking and therapeutic. We're doing this music as a form of healing for ourselves and we also think and hope that people out there listening to it can find a similar source of vitality from it as well". They also just shared their single, "Wanderer". They said "Wanderer, is really about putting yourself in someone else's shoes who's struggling to meet their needs; who's fighting or running from a problem; who's struggled and given up, or been given up on, etc. and trying to see the world from their eyes and see that we're all people and we're all connected". Listen via SoundCloud.

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