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Rising Bedfordshire alternative rock band SEASONS released their debut EP earlier this year. Their new EP, What Goes Around, is out today, November 18th. They told us about how they all push themselves further to break boundaries that they haven't yet, they told us about their wild, fun time filming the video for "Empire", and they invited you to their EP launch show tonight, November 18th.

SEASONS released a debut EP earlier this year, which received good amounts of praise. Tell us more about your background and music for those who may be unfamiliar.

Of course! So we’re SEASONS as you may have guessed by now. A new 5-piece alt-rock band fresh to hit the airwaves earlier this year. For fans of Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox, Don Broco except we’re bring a fresh twist on a raw sound compiling big hooks, energy and emotion. We’re currently straight off the back of our debut self-titled EP which was featured in the likes of Kerang! BBC Introducing and Scuzz and more recently our debut UK tour! We’ve been very busy!

Speaking of the success of your debut EP and the buzz that was built by fans and reviewers including the positive review from Kerrang! magazine, does that excite the band for future releases and/or build more pressure? Were you pleased by the response?

We’ve put pressure on ourselves since day one but in a good way. We all push ourselves further to break boundaries that we haven’t yet. In doing so we are incredibly excited. Everything we do we’re always trying to raise the bar. I guess everyone will find out what’s keeping us so excited right now when ‘What Goes Around’ hits the airwaves.

Following up on that success you recently released your single "Empire" via Square State Records. Tell us about writing this song.

Empire really was one of those songs were it all just happened. We were having a late night rehearsal the night before we were hitting the studio. We had a bouncy had hitting verse and a huge chorus that all just fell together in the blink of an eye. We always find it tougher to write a song lyrically about anything political or controversial but with everything going on in the media it’s hard to ignore right now which is where ‘What Goes Around’ was born. It’s also something we’d never done before and we are still overwhelmed with the reaction and feedback from everyone so far so thank you!

You released a video for "Empire" that was directed by Tom Norris of As A Button Productions. What was this experience like? Can you tell us more about the filming location; it really adds to the video.

This video shoot was ridiculous. Grant found the location days before we were due the shoot and it was an absolute gem! We were under time constraints, noise complaints and trying not to fall through the floor all at once. Funnily enough there was a team of ten there and we managed to get the whole shoot done in around 6 hours. All credit to As A Button for making it happen. Their whole team are incredible and we have so much fun on these shoots. This was actually our third video with As A Button and who knows there could be more on the way…

You had a tour coinciding with the release of the single that ran from September 1st-5th. How did the release show go? What were some of the highlights from that run?

The release show was insane. It was our second visit to Club 85 and without fail it was another packed out show. I suppose it was the first time as SEASONS we had everyone in the crowd singing louder than we were and it was something special. Travelling up and down the country with the fine gentleman in Such Strange Arts, Thank The Academy and Bedlam Bookings. Every single one of these guys are awesome and was a pleasure to share the stage with them every night!

The EP, What Goes Around comes out on November 18th. Tell us more about writing and recording this EP. Did anything come easier or harder with this EP than with the debut?

Our second EP was so much fun to write. From the release of our first EP we’ve basically lived in each other’s pocket for the past 7 months. Being such a young band I feel we’ve grown in knowing our strengths and ability to develop ideas. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy at times but you learn when you’ve hit a wall you need to stop, go to gig, find some new music and refresh the inspiration. On one hand ‘Rewind Replay’ was wrote almost in its entirety by Grant and he brought it into the studio and blossomed so quickly as soon as we brought it into the studio for us which is a great rock-pop track full of energy. Whereas on ‘When We Were Young’ initially came really quickly but when we got down to the nitty gritty dynamics developing the song and lyrics into the finished article it really took time and patience. We have always been determined to keep raising the bar.

You've said "SEASONS has given us all the opportunity to do the things we love the most. In our debut self titled EP we created 4 tracks which we are insanely proud of, the response has been incredible. Now the time has come for us to begin the next chapter. We're thrilled to get more new songs out there. This is by far the best music we have ever created. This is just the beginning. Get ready... This is our Empire". Can you tease what that next chapter will be like for fans who are waiting for more? Any teases about what's next for the band?

We haven’t held back. We’re coming back full guns blazing for this next release with energy, power, hooks and versatility. For those of you who know us as well you know there’s always more surprises to come. Boundaries are there to be broken!

Thanks for the interview. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Catch us at The Garage London 18/11/16 for the ‘What Goes Around’ launch show! There’s plenty of tricks left up our sleeves! Oh… and it’s going to be a party to remember!

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