InVogue Records - Christmas Compilation

InVogue Records and Capital House Studio plan to release a Christmas compilation on November 25th. It will feature InVogue Records artists Chase Huglin, Convictions, Courage My Love, Hotel Books, In Her Own Words, JT Woodruff, Mark Rose, Mirror Eyes, Punchline, September Stories, and Woven in Hiatus. You'll be able to download it for free and/or pay what you want via Bandcamp. All the money raised through New Years Day will be donated in honor of the vocalist of In Her Own Words brother (here). It will also be available on Spotify and other digital outlets. 100 limited edition CDs will be available for pre-order. See the tracklist below.

1. In Her Own Words - Yule Shoot your eye out
2. Chase Huglin - Christmas Eve / Pierceton Queen
3. Hotel Books - Christmas Eve Until I Leave
4. JT Woodruff - Down Patton Hill (Christmas '85)
5. Woven In Hiatus - Joy
6. Mark Rose - It Won't Be Long Now
7. Convictions - Memories In The Attic
8. Mirror Eyes - Of All The Charlie Browns In The World, I'm The Charlie Browniest
9. Punchline - I Always See You In December
10. September Stories - Christmas '12
11. Courage My Love - Last Christmas

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