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Florida-based alternative indie singer/songwriter Alex Di Leo recently announced the upcoming release of his debut EP, So We Go. Fans might know him from his prior rock band Wyld Fly, which disbanded in 2014. Since then he has spent his time writing and recording his solo music. He was kind enough to tell us how they created a homemade dulcimer during the recording process for So We Go, how debut track "Make It Easier" sets the vibe for the rest of the EP, and about performing at Florida's For The Love Music Festival.

First, thanks for the interview!

Hey! Of course. Thanks so much for reaching out!

You began your solo career after disbanding from your previous band. Tell us more about your music and background for those who may not be familiar.

What got me excited about getting into music was bands like The Fray, ColdPlay, The Killers, U2 and more along the same style.  My previous band Wyld Fly was a hard rock band. Towards the end of high school I wanted to take the band into more of an alternative rock vibe. This unfortunately led to the end of the bands relationship, everyone seemed to have a totally different vision in each of their minds and I realized I had to do what made me feel good on stage and when people heard my music.

Somehow throughout those next two years I was led into many different directions working with multiple producers going from 50’s Americana, Adult Contemporary, Country, Pop, and then finally the last production I did which is my EP “So We Go” being released on Nov. 4th.

Your debut solo EP So We Go will be released on November 4th. It was produced by Josh Diaz (Further Seems Forever, KIDS) and mixed by James Joseph (Jacob Whitesides, Hoyle). What did they bring to the process? What vision did you share?

From the start we had the same vision so we shared very similar ideas throughout. I wish I had filmed a little more of the process because it truly was such a great experience. One really cool thing we did was strip a piano. We tuned the strings, cut ones that weren't necessary and hit them with wrenches to create this attach piano ambient sound. We made a homemade dulcimer. Josh named it the ‘Dulcemore'. This instrument is played throughout the EP and I think it really helped create a different sound. From there, James was able to make it into another direction and it blew me away. It was awesome working with him as well!

You've said "releasing my debut EP is definitely the highlight of the last 3 years. I'm beyond excited to share the positive vibes and stories that relate to a period in my life. I think because I've done 4 other recording productions to get to this sound I was looking for, I've truly come to appreciate the journey and outcome even more". Tell us about recording the EP. How did it differ from past sessions?

Recording this EP was definitely a different experience from my 4 previous recording productions in the last two years. The major difference was the fact that from minute one Josh understood me and the direction I was going for. In the past my recordings sessions the previous producers I worked with made most decisions and had more say. In one recording production I did, the producers worked on the production of the songs without my involvement and it wasn’t a comfortable feeling. When the songs came back they weren’t what I had envisioned in my head.

In the production with Josh we were together for months almost everyday in the studio, talked about things and reviewed each others opinions before making decisions. I think this relationship is something any artist working with a producer needs. But every artist is different and others may prefer a different way.

Overall it truly made it an amazing experience and I’m so excited to do be doing more with him.

You released your debut track "Make It Easier" on SoundCloud. You've said it's about young love and being carefree. Tell us more about the song. Why did you choose to release it first?

This EP talks a lot about taking a chance at falling in love and going with your pulse. ‘Make it Easier’ is about a young lovers and their carefree life together. I find that life today is always on the go. I think it’s important to slow down, not overthink everything. To dream and wonder about the possible adventures in your life. I thought “Make It Easier” would be a great song to set the vibe for the rest of the EP.

I've read you gathered a lot of inspiration from traveling while writing the EP and you've said "I'm constantly thinking of how short our lives are and how important it is to experience new things, take risks, and to not be afraid of what could go wrong, but what could go right. Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about the destination". What inspired you about traveling? Are there any specific moments that you can share?

It’s more of the over all fact that when I travel almost everything I experience is different or new. Traveling takes me away from my normal routine which really helps me come up with concepts and melodies for my writing.

You recently released a live video performance of your new single "I've Been Waiting", which was recorded at Florida's For The Love Music Festival. You've said it was your first real show as a solo artist and it was a great experience. Tell us more about that day and what it was like since it was your first real show after going solo.

Playing Florida’s For the Love Music Festival was  one of the best shows this year. It was the first show I felt I was really able to introduce myself as a singer-songwriter. A big part of it had to do with the fact that is was the largest crowd I had played to in the last year and a half and I was able to feed off of the crowd’s energy which really amped up the show for me.

You also recently filmed a video for "Waking Up". Can you tease anything about it or the EP for fans who are waiting for the release? What's next as you prepare for the release?

Definitely! I’m so excited to share this video with everyone. It was such a great time working on this video with the director, Josiah Sampson. One of my favorite parts about the video is that the performance scenes were shot in a Temple from the 1930’s.

Thanks for the interview. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

My new single “I’ve Been Waiting” is now available on Spotify, iTunes, and all other streaming services!! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Drop me a tweet at @alexanderdileo.

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