Epoch Failure - Sound In The Signals Interview

New Jersey urban pop duo Epoch Failure have garnered quite a bit of success with sports sync licensing used on ESPN's NFL Sunday Countdown, NFL Super Bowl 50, Fox Sports, NASCAR, and the WWE. They are passionate about their music and about sending a powerful message of hope and ambition. They were kind enough to tell us how they learned to fight through the struggles and celebrate the triumphs, how they infused their sound and style into "Livin on a Prayer" while honoring the original, and what fans can expect in the future.

Epoch Failure has gained a lot of attention from fans and critics. "Champion" and "Livin' on a Prayer" have garnered a lot of success while gaining lots of sports sync-placements. Tell us about your background and music for those who may be unfamiliar.

NICK: Both Billy and I come from hard-working single parent homes. We learned to fight through the struggles, and celebrate every triumph. Our music comes from our own inner voices that have helped us push past obstacles and maintain positive outlooks on life. We are two everyday guys, and we want to speak for the people that come from a place similar to us. And whereas some of our more serious songs highlight the plight, other songs highlight the party.

Speaking of the sports sync licensing deals, what's it like hearing your music during an event like that? Describe what it was like when you first heard your song being used this way.

NICK: The first time we heard our music on TV was when Fox Sports used our song “Champion” for Detroit's annual “April In The D” campaign.  It was a regional broadcast campaign, so initially we were only able to view online clips (since we live in NJ). However, when we came to the Motor City to make an appearance at Comerica Park, we were sitting at a restaurant in Detroit eating dinner, and suddenly one of our Fox Sports promos popped up on screens all over the restaurant. It was so awesome. We lost our minds! Also, during Super Bowl 50, when Peyton Manning was giving his MVP speech at the end, in the background in the stadium you could hear our song pumping from the loudspeakers as they hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. It was surreal, and definitely a crowning achievement for us.

Your cover of "Livin on a Prayer" is one of the songs that has been used in sports. Bon Jovi praised your version, which has to be a cool feeling. I think it's very neat how you reinterpreted the song. How did you try to both honor the original song and give it your own unique take?

NICK: It was a really hard process because we wanted to keep the song pure and honor the original, while also infusing our unique sound and style. We knew that Bon Jovi fans would hang us out to dry if we messed up this beloved hit. Therefore, we treaded carefully on the sacred ground. In the end, we kept the original pre-chorus and chorus intact, and expanded on the story of Tommy and Gina by relating it to our own personal fight and prayers that we were living on.

I've read that your latest song, "Let the Fire Glow" is "a celebration of all those daredevils and dreamers who refuse to cave under the pressures of social conformity. Instead, against all the odds and against the grain, they rise and sing and fight - leaving a blazing trail of inspiration in their wake". That's a powerful and uplifting message. How can music help people break free from social conformity? Did you have particular inspirations who did that for you?

NICK: We're generally raised to walk in the footprint of certain societal norms (i.e. high school, college, career, family). But in reality, we’re all able to create our own paths and determine our own “normal.” Finding your passion, or your spark, requires you to remove yourself from your comfort zone and lay it all on the line. My mother always told me, “You can be anything you want to be, until you don’t want to be it anymore.” That gave me the liberty and confidence to go through a bunch of trial and error scenarios to find my path. Some people may have seen that as flakey or flighty, but if my heart wasn’t in it, I couldn’t make myself do it.

I know Epoch Failure's message is one of hope and ambition, which comes from past personal struggles. You've both overcome those struggles and are creating music that will inspire others. What do you hope your fans get from this message? What advice can you offer for your fans who may be struggling with different issues right now?

NICK: Music has been a huge part of both our lives. I can think back to certain traumatic or triumphant times, and I’ve often associated a song with those feelings. My hope is that Epoch Failure music will be on the soundtracks to other people’s lives, and I hope it can help them get through tough times and party through great times. I don’t want people to just hear our music, I want them to live it.

Are you working on any new music now? Do you have any teases for fans who are waiting for the next release?

BILLY: Oh, we're ALWAYS working on new music.  It's an everyday high for us to create and record. Our new single "Let the Fire Glow" just dropped a couple weeks ago, so we're going full steam ahead on that now. We just shot the video last week, and it'll come out in August. In terms of the next release, just be ready for something Epoch.  We feel like we're truly "coming into our own" now, and we’re excited to rock the world!

You've recently released "Let the Fire Glow" and played at the New Jersey State Fair and Milwaukee Summerfest. What's next for Epoch Failure? How can fans keep up with all that's going on?

BILLY: We're gigging and touring constantly on the east coast. That will continue into the fall. And we'll keep writing and recording music! The best way for people to K.I.T is to visit our website (www.epochfailure.com). We keep that updated with all the latest & greatest.

Thanks for the interview. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

NICK: For anyone reading this– no matter what it is that you’re passionate about, aim to be the best at it. And once you’re the best, then teach someone else to be even better than you. We all need a catalyst to find our spark.

BILLY: Dreamers are often laughed at and made fun of for their larger than life goals. But me and Nick are living proof that you can make dreams come true.  The ones laughing and hating are just the people too scared to take the leap and the chance. I've learned real happiness comes from being true to yourself. So to all the dreamers out there–– live brave, love hard and dream big!

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