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I recently had the opportunity to interview Stars Hollow. We discussed the writing and recording process for upcoming EP, ‘In The Flower Bed’, musical influences, favorite moments from the EP, artwork, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview.


Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time for us!

Your new EP ‘In The Flower Bed’ is due out April 5th. Can you tell me about writing and recording the EP?


I think this was probably one of the weirder writing processes we’ve had. After playing in a country band with some friends, I started to feel like I had a better relationship with music again. It felt like I could mentally handle writing new Stars music for the first time in a few years. 

Some of the song skeletons were already written, and some were written closer to recording date. We largely finished writing in the studio. Our friend Alex Arthur recorded the EP at Carousel Studios, and he was super laid back and let us figure things out as we went. We always had things 100% solid before going into the studio in the past. This time was a lot more fluid and flexible. I just wanted to have fun and write something I liked.


It’s been a few years since you released your album. At what point in time did you start working on the songs for this new EP?

We didn’t plan on releasing any music for the foreseeable future after IWTLML. I had Thorns and Sickening written for a long time, probably since 2020, but never brought them to the band to help finish them. The other songs were written within the last year.


I had the chance to listen to the EP and it has all the elements of what’s great about your band. There is also some sonic exploration. What were your influences this time around?


I think one of the most notable things about our band is the fact that we’re a Midwest emo band that doesn’t really listen to Midwest emo. It’s a genre I’m extremely comfortable with writing, and it’s a genre that has been important to me for years, but I pull more influence from other places. I listen to Bring Me the Horizon a lot, and I really admire the way they approach vocals. 

I’ve been super into breakcore, especially FlowerBoyDeMii, which made me want to add more prominent electronic/programmed instruments. I also love heavy music in general, and I wanted to bring more of that into the mix as well. Nicole Dollanganger is one of my favorite artists ever, so she’s a huge lyrical influence. I know Em listens to a lot of hyperpop and Andrew listens to a lot of pop punk and hardcore. It all ends up meshing in cool ways.

The closing track “In The Flower Bed” is really interesting. I think it’s a standout song on the EP. Can you tell me about writing that song specifically?


In the Flower Bed’s main guitar part was something I wrote a long time ago that I always loved, but I could never figure out how to fit it into a song. I wanted to end this EP with something softer because we’ve always ended our releases with big songs. The EP focuses a lot on forgiving yourself, so it felt more fitting to end with something that sounds gentle.


Do you have a favorite musical or lyrical moment from the EP? Why?

I’m really proud of a few parts lyrically on this release. Narrowing it down is kind of difficult, but a couple are:

From In the Flower Bed -- 

It doesn’t rain, so I can’t go home. I’m spitting on your flowers to make them grow.


From The Clothes I’ll Be Buried In --


I love myself like an absent father, but it’s better than nothing.”

Musically, I think the chorus of Acne Scars is all around so catchy and has a cool feel that I’m super proud of. I also do three finger tapping on that song which is unnecessarily ignorant.

I like the EP’s artwork. Who designed it and came up with the concept for it?

Alexis Politz did all the art for the release! She’s also done art for all our other releases. She always does a great job of taking my rambling concepts and turning them into something beautiful.

What’s the meaning behind the artwork?

The artwork is representative of the underlying story of ITFB, and the main cover art is specifically an illustration based on lyrics from Thorns. Some of the other art (back cover, inserts for vinyl, etc.) expand a little more on that story. I don’t want to say much more because I hope that people who listen will make their own meaning out of it, but all the art reflects the meaning that I’ve made from the songs.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Nothing else! Thanks so much!

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