Alex Kostka - Sound In The Signals Track By Track

Alex Kostka recently released the Velvet Couch Sessions. Alex did a track by track for Sound In The Signals for the release. Check out the full track by track after the jump.


Better Days 
I wrote this song after dealing with certain feelings I was having regarding friendships that I watched crumble at the time. Writing and expressing myself this way is a format I'm so thankful for instead of doing something else that could destroy me. At the time relationships were iffy, but everything is good now. Glad to look back on this song and fast forward to now where everything is back on track. It's a fun one to play at shows!

Calm Me Down 
Most of the lyrics to this song were written when I was really out of my mind and tired. Funny I know... but at the time I was working a job that was bringing me down to the point of others seeing a change in me and that was a tough thing to handle. I'm thankful for loved ones and you can care so much for someone in life, a lot of this song is about that and how thankful I am. I haven't really played this song live and I'm super happy to be sane again.


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