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I recently had the chance to interview Take Care. Check out the full interview after the jump!

Your new album All This Time I've Felt Like Nothing just came out. Can you tell me a little about the songwriting and recording process of the album?

Tyler: A lot of times Spencer would have an Idea, he’d come to my house and then record it. After that we would send that to Dan and he would write drums. We actually had the entire album demoed before we went into the studio which made tracking the album so much easier because we already had an idea of what we wanted the album to sound like. Dan Tracked drums in one night at a local church from midnight to five in the morning. We then moved on to guitars and bass while getting some rough mixes of the songs along the way so we could hear how the album was panning out. Then after that we moved on to vocals, car tests, mixing, mastering, and here we are with the final product.

Why exactly did you decide to title the album All This Time I've Felt Like Nothing and what emotional attachment as a band do you have to the title?

All this time I’ve felt like nothing has a lot to do with me struggling with severe depression and anxiety from the end of middle school all throughout high school. I had met one of my best friends who eventually helped me get over all of my anxiety and when we were together it kind of seemedlike all of my depression, self esteem issues, and basically every problem go away. Long story short we had a falling out and don’t really talk much anymore. It kind of just made me think about how low I thought of myself at the time and looking back it really gets to me. For me, music has always been the best way to express how I personally feel about something, so this is my form of closure on all those negative thoughts of the past I suppose.

You did a really cool thing for the album. That for 24 hours it could be downloaded on bandcamp for free. What made you decided to do that and what was the response like with the free promotion?

We decided to let people download the album for free because it is much more enticing to see someones debut release for free than it is for ten dollars. I think making it free gave people a lot more of an incentive to get the album, or at least stream it. The response was incredible to us. We had 470 downloads in the first 24 hours and that to me and all the rest of us was astonishing because we’ve never had that kind of buzz before.

Do you have a particular song you a really proud of on the album. If so which one? What song would you recommend to someone who has never heard of your band?

Personally I think the song I’m most proud of is Passing Phase. That was one of the first songs the band wrote and just to see how far the song came from it’s beginning stages is amazing to me. I would also recommend that as the first song for someone to listen to who has never heard of us. That, lessons learned, or come home are my personal favorites.

"Come Home" is a song I really liked off the album. I really enjoyed the vibe of the song. Can you tell me a little about writing that song in particular and how you came up with it?

"Come Home" is directly about depression. It’s personifying it in the sense that I could never admit that I was depressed. I’ve always been someone that could never admit that something was wrong, or something made me feel a certain way, so for me to actually tell someone that I was depressed was very complicated. I know depression doesn’t have to be forever and I started to realize that no matter what you go through, even if you can’t fully let it go, you can always fill your thoughts with something positive, and I guess that’s where ‘one day you’ll let me go’ comes in. I feel like we’re all living proof that you can get through anything you struggle with.

I really like this album a lot and it's a really cool pop/punk album leading into the fall. With the focus so heavy on the "emo-revival" this year. What have you thought of the response to pop/punk? Has there been much of a difference or do you think it's still thriving nicely?

I think it’s still thriving nicely. You have bands putting out small EPs with 4 or 5 great songs on it more frequently instead of putting out new full lengths with “filler songs” and only a few great songs every year or two. I would say Knuckle Puck is a prime example of that. They constantly put out great material because when you’re only releasing a few songs at a time there is less room for error.

Vinyl and cassette pressings have become a really big deal in the music scene. Any chance you have plans for the album on either of those formats?
I would love to eventually release some Vinyl. One of my favorite parts is having the big artwork on the vinyl so I think that would be awesome to do. When that would happen I have no idea, but I would say eventually yes we will.

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions do you have anything else you would like to add?
Absolutely. I would like to thank everyone who has ever given us a chance. Without you all this would not be possible and it is still surreal to me that all of this is happening. It’s living a literal dream and I can’t thank everyone enough.
You can purchase the band's new album on Bandcamp: HERE.

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