Mary Lambert - Heart On My Sleeve (Album Review)

Many people know Mary Lambert from her work on Macklemore's hit song "Same Love". Heart On My Sleeve is her big Capitol Records album. I was definitely interested to hear this album, although I'm not sure what I expected. Sometimes debut albums from artists who are most known for their guest features on hip hop songs do not go over well or last the test of time. Anyone remember Olivia? She sang the guest vocals on 50 Cent's sophomore album hit "Candy Shop". If you don't, then you probably aren't alone. Sometimes, though, artists do see huge success. Just see Dido for proof. After making big waves by letting her song be featured on an Eminem song she had a massively successful album. I think after listening to Heart On My Sleeve Mary Lambert is headed the way of Dido as opposed to Olivia. I think people are definitely going to like this album and it's going to be a success.

The sincere, honest passion from Lambert on these songs is rarely heard like this. Honestly this is a pretty fantastic album. I'd compare it to maybe something like Adele mixed with spoken word elements  with edges of alternative rock. Lambert has an impressive vocal range and it's definitely one of the highlights of the album. It's such a well rounded album. "Secrets" is such a great introduction to the album. It really introduces you to Lambert and is one of the more upbeat tracks. She sounds so sure of herself in such a declarative way that it reminds me of one of Lily Allen's more frank and honest songs. I really dig that. The listener gets that no holds barred feeling right off the bat. "Wounded Animal" could appeal to any Adele fan who enjoyed "Someone Like You". The lyrics are piercing and they feel so honest. The piano is very present on this album. I think Lambert's vocals over the moody piano tracks work in a big way. The beats on the album pulsate under the piano and are really well done. You can definitely get a few elements of the newer wave of R&B that you hear from an artist like The Weeknd. Lambert's cover of "Jessie's Girl" is such a neat interpretation of the song. It's such a familiar song to me, but it is reinterpreted in such a new way. When an artist can bring something new to such a well known and familiar song it's really cool and rare. This is a great album for this time of the year. It definitely fits the fall mood. I can see myself listening to it a lot throughout fall and into winter.

All in all, Lambert titled this album Heart On My Sleeve and she delivers the title throughout the songs. This is a pretty gnarly album. I dig it. It's great songs, great vocals, and really interesting lyrics. Check this one out. It's an impressive album that's full of great songs.

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