State Lines - Announce Their Hiatus

Check out a statement about the hiatus from the group after the jump.

-probably a good time to address some information, as you probably couldve guessed/ or alot of you have just known from talking to us, the band is now inactive, we say inactive because when bands break up i think sometimes things tend to get corny and no band ever really officially seems to break up break up, to stop this from happening to us, we’re just basically saying were inactive, incase the day shows up where we do get together to play a show. that being said i can pretty much guarantee that wont happen anytime soon. theres honestly no drama, we’ve been playing music together for the last 4 years, we started as teenagers and now were getting a bit older, tom had alot of responsibilities and had to leave the band, we thought we’d try continuing without him, but it just felt super weird having such an essential part about our band missing, didnt feel right.

-that 3rd lp we keep talking about is written (almost completely) with some songs already demoed out, its going to be released under a new band name called “oso oso” i cant tag it but the link to the page is over herewww.facebook.com/osoosoband , this is the same band i released an ep with earlier in the year, we just changed our name from “osoosooso” to “oso oso” its probably not hard to see why

- this would also be a fun time to let you all know that @Realstatelines on twitter is surprisingly not us at all. so maybe that explains the strange tweets

-last but not least thank you to everyone we’ve met through this band, as of today, this is one of the nicest things i’ve ever gotten the chance to be apart of and while its sad to say goodbye, i really do hope i’ll be seeing alot of you soon when Oso Oso hits the road in the upcoming year

-thanks again

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