Sound In The Signals - Issue Of The Month (September 2014)

It's time for another issue of the month when I pick one issue of the current month from any current running comic series to highlight. This month I decided to pick Edge Of The Spider-Verse Issue 02.

I mean let's face it Spider-Gwen is awesome! The Spiderverse is shaping up to be neat and these Edge Of Spiderverse books have been cool. This issue featuring a Gwen Stacy who was bit by the spider instead of Peter Parker, a Peter Parker who becomes the Lizard, and a rock band called The Mary Janes is more than just a one off. It feels more like the seeds of what could be a great series. This issue was something I thought might be neat and turned out to be really, really cool.

The artwork for this is fantastic. It really captures the vibe of the issue and the style really fits this younger (almost ultimate universe) looking Gwen Stacy and the world she lives in. The art for this issue and the design of Spider-Gwen are part of what help this issue to succeed in the big way it does.

Definitely check this out. You really don't even have to be caught up on current spider-events to appreciate it. It's a nice one-off and I'm crossing my fingers hoping the people at Marvel realize this could be a great series.

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