Future Crooks - Future Crooks In Paradise (Album Artwork/Track List)

Bad Timing Records have signed the band and will release their new album. The band features Brian Warren of Weatherbox on guitar. The album will be available for vinyl pre-order September 09, 2014: HERE. Check out the full album artwork, vinyl pressing details, a song clip, and the track list after the jump.

Vinyl Pressing Information

200 - Coke Bottle Clear
300 - Black with Fire Splatter

1. Humbug
2. The Blues
3. Briton
4. Bright Red Hair
5. Digi Bird
6.The Deep End
7. Harry Takayama 
8. Who Me
9. Leave Me Alone
10. Captain Bones
11. Armadas Of Icebergs
12. Tremble Tremble

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