Highlighting Artists (August 2014)

It's time for the eighth installment of one of our newer features. This feature basically highlights bands/artists that I think are worth checking out. They may have significant buzz or they might not be on many people's radars just yet. Check out all of the August picks after the jump.

Sit Calm - Sit Calm

The band's new EP is getting a lot of interest. They are currently maxed out on free downloads this month on bandcamp, but you can pick up the EP for $1 or download via a link on their facebook page! Really good stuff. If you dig a nice upbeat emo sound this is for you!

Yeehaw! - Demotivational Speaker

Don't let the name fool you. These guys probably aren't setting up on a western stage and playing country music. This is really great emo/punk music that is most likely for fans of bands like You Blew It! and Modern Baseball instead of country stars like Garth Brooks and Trace Adkins.

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