Talking Music: Any Album/Any Era/Any Genre (June 2014)

It's time again for the monthly weekend feature where I pick albums from any era or genre and briefly discuss why I think they are awesome. Check out the albums I picked to talk about this month after the jump!

Descendents - I Don't Want To Grow Up
Released in 1985

The Descendents is everything great about punk/pop music. They've influenced a ton of bands. Their cover art is simple, but really cool and eye catching. I like a ton of their albums. I picked this one to showcase because I like it entirely and I really like the title track and song "Silly Girl".

An Angle - We Can Breathe Under Alcohol
Released in 2005

Pegged a Bright Eyes rip-off, An Angle may have never gotten a lot of respect, but that doesn't mean We Can Breathe Under Alcohol isn't a great fun album. I like the artwork and the progression from the first album. Yeah, there are a few similarities to Bright Eyes, but this album is definitely its own thing and I still enjoy it to this day.

Keepsake - The End Of Sound
Released in 2001

In the early 2000s there were a ton of bands that had a similar sound to this band. More than occasionally a few bands have fallen through the cracks and just seem to be forgotten by current music listeners looking to discover great emo/punk gems from the past. This album is just that. It incorporates elements of hardcore, emo, punk, and alternative rock. It's a great album and definitely worth checking out. It has that early 2000s sound that is similar to, but not exact to, early releases from bands like Taking Back Sunday or Brand New.

Sugar Ray - 14:59
Released in 1999

Listen, I can understand the ton of harsh critics that hate and hated Sugar Ray. I was never one of those. I think this is a great album. It’s full of alternative rock/pop songs that lean more toward pop. Sugar Ray were one of a handful of radio rock bands from the 90s that could really appeal to both pop/radio fans and alternative rock fans. This is a fun album that is jam packed full of fun songs.

The Years Gone By - Something You Know Nothing About
Released in 2009

This is another EP sneaking into this list. This band broke up, which is a shame because they were a really good pop/punk group. In the vein of something similar to early All Time Low the material released by this band is great. This is easily my favorite release by the band and for anyone mining for pop/punk gold this EP is chocked full of it.

Ceremony - Violence Violence

Released in 2006

Ceremony has released tons and tons of great music. The band's debut album Violence Violence is really intense chaotic hardcore/punk. It's a great heavy album. What's impressive about the album is just how great a follow-up it is to their near flawless Ruined EP. I really dig the album artwork as well. It's pretty darn cool. Check this album out and anything else this band has released! It's a must!

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