Skinny - Ghetto Disneyland (Album Review)

Skinny's (or $kinny as it sometimes styleized) debut release Ghetto Disneyland is a really interesting release. The mostly self-produced, somewhat controversial album reminds me of a mixture of A$AP Rocky, Drake, and some elements of Odd Future. After listening to the release Skinny seems like one of the more interesting rappers I've heard in a while. Ghetto Disneyland is filled with really good rapping and good beats.

Sonically this release is really cool. The beats on this release are really good. Skinny's self/produced beats work with his flow and he is definitely a talented producer. The guest producers were also a good choice for this release JPdidthis1 produced the title track for this album and I think it's easily one of my favorite tracks on the release. Skinny flows over the beat really nicely and the song has massive single potential. "Bass Snare" has a really interesting beat produced by Skinny & Wicks. This track has a lot of interesting vocal elements and effects. Between some of the slowed down sounding vocals like you'd hear on a Tyler, The Creator song or an A$AP Rocky song. It also has some munked sounding vocals that kind of remind me of MC Chris. Overall, it's a really interesting sounding song.

The downfall to the release is probably some of the lyrical content. A lot of it works for what Skinny is going for on this release. However, some of it wanders into just rude and crude hip hop territory that might be a little much for my taste. With the current crop of young rappers saying some pretty outrageous things these days this doesn't seem that offensive...all things considered (don't get me wrong though I'm sure plenty of people could find it more than offensive). That being said I would not recommend this to a young crowd at all. This is very much for adults. Most of the offensive things being said have been heard on rap albums before so it's not unheard of, but still some of the stuff just isn't up my alley. I will say even if a lyric here or there was off putting it didn't change how well I thought Skinny flowed for the most part. He's definitely a really talented rapper. 

The great thing about this release is the vibe Skinny has created and the really strong song choice for this release. It is as good as, if not better than, a lot of major label hip-hop/rap albums. This is definitely one of the more interesting hip-hop/rap releases I've heard in a while.

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