Angels & Airwaves - Concept Artwork

Tom Delonge posted some concept artwork for the new Angels & Airwaves album. Check out the artwork: HERE. You can read what Delonge had to say about the new album and concept artwork after the jump.


It's hard to describe the depth and the scope of what this next project is. It has been so much work over the past 4 years that there is no way I can put it into just a couple sentences. All I can say is @angelsandairwaves represents not a few, but a great field of talented artists, many that are behind the scenes that the band unknowingly and unrightfully gets credit for. We are not just a band, but an art project. Halloween will be a special day, because it will symbolize something much bigger than just the album... It's the start of a large and ambitious art piece... #POET, #DreamWalker, #AVA, #ConceptArt

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