Sound In The Signals - Issue Of The Month (April 2014)

It's time for another issue of the month when I pick one issue of the current month from any current running comic series to highlight. This month I decided to pick Justice League issue #29 which is part of the Forever Evil event.

I was originally going to pick the new Amazing Spider-Man issue #1 this month. It is a great read and it looks like the series has some really neat stuff coming up, but seeing as last month I picked Superior Spider-Man I kind of wanted to venture away from Spidey and pick another series. After looking through some possible Marvel picks I decided it was time to show DC Comics some love. So I'm picking Justice League #29 as the issue of the month.

For anyone who hasn't been keeping up the DC world has recently been dealing with the Crime Syndicate (evil counter versions of the Justice League from Earth 3) throughout the Forever Evil event. This has brought villains and heroes together. Most of the Justice League is missing throughout Forever Evil (we do see Batman and Cyborg). This issue deals with the remade Cyborg facing off against his evil counterpart The Grid. We also get to see the Metal Men in action. They are sort of cheesy, but Cyborg needs a team right! Their appearance actually works pretty well in the issue. The cover is really neat with the Metal Men morphed into various Justice League characters. I think this issue is really great for Cyborg. I've really enjoyed his storyline throughout Forever Evil and this is a must read issue.

I've been a huge fan of Forever Evil and with the event starting to wrap up this issue was really interesting. I went away from it satisfied and ready to see what is in store for the Crime Syndicate in the Forever Evil conclusion.

However, this issue isn't a great starting point if you haven't been keeping up with the recent stuff in the Justice League and Forever Evil. You really have to start at the beginning of the Forever Evil event to understand what's going on. I'd definitely recommend checking out the whole event.

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