Sleep In - Settling (Album Artwork/Track List)

This is out May 27, 2014. This is the new band of Eric McNelis (ex-The Progress). Check out the full album artwork, vinyl pressing information, and track list after the jump. Pre-order the vinyl version of the album: HERE.

Track Listing:
Side A:
01-I Do Know And I'm Not Sorry
02-Sleep Sound
04-Bound To Fold
05-Small Scars
Side B:
01-Antisocial Darwinism
02-A Lot To Say
03-Come Closer
04-Starting Over
Pressing Info:
100 Limited Ocean Blue Variant
200 Black
Official Vinyl Release Date is 5/27
Records will ship on or before 5/19
Comes with Free Digital Download!
Digital release date is 4/29 and everyone who preorders the Vinyl will receive a link to download the digital album through email on that date.

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