La Dispute - Rooms Of The House (Album Review)

La Dispute is a great band in my opinion. I've enjoyed most of everything they've released. Their debut album, Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair, was a really impressive debut. Their 2011 follow-up album, Wildlife, was another really well thought out and performed album. The band's third studio album, The Rooms Of The House, continues the trend in good albums by La Dispute. This is the band’s first album not released on No Sleep Records. The band decided to release it under their own label, Better Living, with help from Staple Records. It didn't really hinder the roll out or promotion of the album from what I've seen, but it’s just interesting to note.

I wanted to start off discussing the production on this album. I've seen a lot of people talk about the overall way the album sounds. Some like it and some don't. The band worked with producer Will Yip on the album and his production style adds a slightly, albeit very slightly, grunge tone to the album. Personally I'm a fan of most of Yip's production and although I do notice a small difference in the production values between this and previous La Dispute records, it's not enough, in my opinion, to hinder the overall sound or enjoyment of the album. You can hear a sort of similar production style on the newest Will Yip produced Balance And Composure album The Things We Think We're Missing.

"First Reactions After Falling Through the Ice" is a track that really stands out on the album. It has that classic La Dispute feel musically and vocally. "For Mayor in Splitsville" is another stand out track. I really like the way the guitar was done on the track. It really has a great driving vibe. "35" has a great vibe. The drumming sounds really solid. Vocalist Jordan Dreyer really delivers a super solid vocal performance on the track as well. In all truth Dreyer delivers a really solid vocal performance throughout the album and the band still sounds as creative and energetic as they did on their previous albums.

The Rooms Of The House is an impressive album. With this album La Dispute are three for three with their albums. They've all been really well thought out. This album doesn't beat my personal favorite album of theirs, Somewhere At The Bottom of The River..., but it's a pretty great addition to the band's discography. I recommend this album. I know it's one I'll listen to a lot this year.

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