Chiodos - Devil (Album Review)

Chiodos tried it without Craig Owens. Craig Owens tried it without Chiodos. The results came up mixed for both. Chiodos Brandon Bolmer fronted album wasn't bad, but it lacked some of the spark of earlier Chiodos albums and the same can be said for Owens projects DRUGS. The two parties are finally back together and Chiodos has a new album with their rightful front man Craig Owens.

Now that has its drawbacks. One is the pretty lofty expectations. Owens last album with the band Bone Palace Ballet is arguably the band's crowning achievement. While the band's new album Devil probably doesn't beat Bone Palace Ballet it's definitely a worthy follow-up to that album.

"3 AM" is a song I really like. It's one of the poppier songs on the album. I really like Owens vocals on the song and the guitar parts are really catchy and sound great. "Behvis Bullock" is a prime example of showing how the band incorporates a ton of sounds into this album. The song is all over the place and it makes for a really interesting listen. It's mostly on the heavier side. The placement on the album adds a shot of adrenaline to the listening experience.

The album is all over the place in terms of sound and style shifting back and forth from frantic musical parts, to screaming to singing, heavy and soft. It is basically everything you've come to expect from a Owens fronted Chiodos. I don't mind all the shifts and dynamic changes. It could be off putting to some listeners. I can understand if you think the album is the band biting off more than they can chew. I think it works mostly. The band is definitely firing on all cylinders musically and vocally. It's a good comeback album.

All in all this is a pretty solid album. It may not be my favorite Chiodos album, but it is clear that Chiodos work better with Owens at the helm. This is a nice comeback album. It's definitely worth checking out and is a really nice addition to the band's discography.

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