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You released Diversions Vol. 1 a while back, which was your first release in a while, and is a big departure from anything you’ve released before. Can you tell me a little about the project? What inspired it and what was the song writing process like?

Diversions Vol.1 is a collection of instrumental pieces written and recorded over the past two years without any intention to release them or attach the Team Goldie name. While sifting through a folder on my computer where I store new song ideas I realized there was a small collection of hazy, ambient instrumental pieces that could stand together as a cohesive whole and literally two days later I released them online. Writing each of the pieces was extremely fluid as much of it was improvised and since I had no plans to make them public I wasn't concerned with polish. "Hang Glider" and "Night Surfing" are perfect examples as both were based on rough ideas but entirely improvised and recorded in single takes. I am always interested in exploring new sounds and stretching the boundaries of what I am capable of so it was nice to share a small chunk of that with people who enjoy the music I create under the name Team Goldie. The response from people was overwhelmingly positive so I'm happy that I decided to share it..

A few months ago you released some information about your long awaited album and for fans to expect in 2011. How has work on the project been so far? What type of sounds will be on the full length and what are some of the differences between your old material and the songs on the full length?

As of right now all but one song for the new album has been demoed and while the final track to tackle is the most ambitious and furthest outside of my comfort zone I am hoping to have it finished in the near future. There are also a few tracks that have been demoed but won't appear on the album and will likely surface as b-sides. As for the album, the songs are easily some of my favorite music that I have written and I am beyond excited to share it with everyone. Overall musically it's a little bit more rock-oriented than some things I have done in the past but it feels like a natural progression and the reception to the new songs I have been playing live has been great. In short I think the major difference between the old and new is that there is significantly less rapping and significantly more guitar solos, haha. There will also be some cool guest appearances from friends and a curveball or two but I think anyone who has enjoyed music I've released in the past will be on board and hopefully I'll be able to turn some heads. I know the stock answer is "our new album is our best material yet" but in this case it's the truth.

When do you think we might hear a potential first single off your new album and do you know what single it might be?

My plan is to do a 3-track digital release this December that will include an alternate version of a song from the album called "New Year's Eve," an acoustic version of that track and a non-album track. I wouldn't necessarily call it a "single" and it definitely isn't the best representation of the album as a whole but it just seems appropriate to release a song called "New Year's Eve" around that time of year.

You are an artist that has built up a nice underground buzz and it really has lasted. With so many acts coming out and really becoming “internet big” and lasting a year or shorter, what do you think has made your fan base stick with you and allow you the opportunity to take some time between releases without losing interest?

You know, that's a great question that I don't necessarily have the answer to. All I can say is that I am a genuine dude who has continued to create honest music that I am passionate about and people have been kind enough to come along for the ride. Doing something slightly left of center and playing live as often as possible hasn't hurt either. I'm at somewhere over 250 live shows at this point and I could be wrong but it seems like many bands that become "internet big" and disappear do not play live often or at all. It has been a bit of time between releases and I appreciate the patience of anyone who is looking forward to new material but hopefully the wait in the future will be shorter as I've already been kicking around song ideas for the next LP.

Some of the demos you released earlier this year are kind of moving away from the hip hop aspect of your music in some ways and moving towards a more melodic-punk style. You’ve always kind of blended styles. Is there any style you’ve yet to incorporate that you would like to work with in your music?

On songs for the new album I was able to incorporate musical styles that I never thought would appear on a Team Goldie song and stretch my legs a bit. I hope to continue that with some ideas I have stockpiled for the future. My goal from the beginning has been to incorporate aspects of the wide variety of music that I love into the music I create so as I continue to grow as a musician and songwriter I hope to continue experimenting with new ideas and trying things outside of my wheelhouse.

What has changed about your influences and likes about the music scene over the years that have affected your approach to songwriting?

I think I am a fan of more or less the same sorts of music as when I started Team Goldie but I have certainly expanded the definition of what makes a "Team Goldie song" to include much more. Around half of the new album is music that didn't start out with the goal of ending up as TG music and those are some of my favorite moments.

You have operated as an unsigned act for a long time. Do you plan to continue doing things the DIY way with your full length album or would you like to release it on a label?

At the moment my plan is to raise money this winter to record and release the album on my own but if the right opportunity were to arise I would be happy to work with a label that shares my vision.

You came out at a time when the walls between rap and rock were really starting to blur and over the last 2-3 years there seems like a bunch of groups trying to benefit from blending the two styles. What are your thoughts on groups like 3OH3 or Brokencyde? Who do you think does it right and who do you think does it wrong?

I can't necessarily say I am a fan of either of those groups but they have found their fanbase and seem to be doing well so more power to them. I am actually drawing a complete blank on modern artists that combine rap and rock. As for the past I am a fan of Beck and groups like the Beastie Boys, RUN DMC and Rage Against the Machine who all combined the genres seamlessly. I enjoy the new Kid Cudi single too and that straddles the same line. I think when it comes to combining any genres it only works when they are brought together organically and don't sound as if they were shoehorned together.

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have any closing comments you’d like to make?

Thank you for helping spread the word about the music I make! Everyone can keep an eye out for the new Team Goldie LP in the first half of 2011 and until then keep up to date at www.teamgoldie.com, www.facebook.com/teamgoldie and www.twitter.com/teamgoldie. Also, my first 2 EPs are available on iTunes and other digital retailers and Diversions Vol. 1 is available for $1 at teamgoldie.bandcamp.com

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